Reports back up iPhone 6 NFC feature rumor

We’ve heard this before, of course, but it’s looking more legit this time.

Rumor: Apple to announce iWatch on September 9th

No word on when it’ll be ready to ship, however.

Digitimes: Apple expected to launch thinner MacBook

You simply cannot trust Digitimes, but a MacBook line shakeup isn’t out of the question.

Possible iPad Air 2 back shell images leak

Because who wouldn’t get excited about the back of an Apple device?

What else does that iPhone 6 user guide leak reveal?

The sleep/wake button is where? And how much storage is included?

Report: Apple prepping to launch a 12-inch iPad in 2015

Apple wants to “… shake up the iPad line.”

Alleged iPhone 6 manual image leaked with launch date

The iPhone has a manual? Who knew?

Rumor: Apple to open world’s largest Apple store in Dubai

I’m guessing it won’t be located next to a Hot Topic.

iPad Air getting 2GB of RAM for multi-window multitasking?

Distancing the iPad Air from the iPad mini, performance-wise, would be a good idea.

Rumor: 128GB iPhone 6 will be an option

If true, the 128GB iPhone 6 will replace one of the previous options, but not the one you’d expect.

Apple iPad Air reportedly getting a 2GB RAM update

Know what could make good use of 2GB RAM? Split-screen multitasking.

KGI Securities: Apple iWatch delayed until 2015

In the meantime, at least we’ve got our rumors and speculation.