Apple to reportedly ship Apple Watch in March, new Macbook Air soon

The report also claims Apple could sell 2.8 million Apple Watch units in Q1 2015.

Apple Watch battery life reported to be severely limited

It’s noon. Have you charged your Apple Watch (twice) yet?

KGI says Apple will sell stylus with iPad Pro

It would be costly, and will be sold separately.

New MacBook Air production increasing, release in early 2015

It may replace the 11″ MacBook Air, while the 13.3″ model will remain.

Apple to improve MacBook Air mobility with USB 3.1 Type-C

Before long, it really will be nothing but air.

Sources say smaller 4-inch iPhone isn’t coming

A rumor dispels a rumor as rumored by MacRumors.

Alleged iPad Pro render leaked

Four days into 2015, and already with the rumors.


Will the new MacBook Air go for the gold?

A gold MacBook Air? Some of us would prefer black.

Retina MacBook Air will reportedly reach production in early 2015

A DigiTimes report says Apple will put the Retina MacBook Air into production around the same time as Intel makes its Broadwell processors available.

Job listing suggests Apple Pay to expand to more regions

Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa may soon get to use the service.

Blueprints of rumored iPad Air Plus leaked?

Will we be seeing a production oriented iPad in spring 2015?

The logic of a 12-inch MacBook Air

Will a 12-inch MacBook Air replace the current models, or is something else afoot?