The logic of a 12-inch MacBook Air

Will a 12-inch MacBook Air replace the current models, or is something else afoot?


Report: Apple dropping iPad mini to concentrate on iPad Pro

Is the iPad mini now a lame duck?

Apple Watch may launch in spring 2015

Apple would like to focus on Christmas and the Chinese New Year first.

Analyst: iPad Air 2 in limited quantities, 27.5-inch iMac by year end

It speeds things up if you can memorize your credit card number.

Rumor: iPad mini 2 with Retina to debut October 16th

The iPad mini may get some update love after all.

12-inch Retina MacBook Air rumored to miss holiday release timeframe

Update your Christmas wish list, because the Retina MacBook Air won’t be on it.

Rumor: 12.9-inch iPad Pro to run both iOS and OS X

An idea so crazy it could only come from Digitimes.

Apple expects to ship 200 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units next year

Aim high, Apple.

Apple Watch rumored to be in limited quantities at launch

Lines are likely already forming at the local Apple Store.

I’ve been waiting for a gold iPad

Dare I get my hopes up again?

Apple Watch rumored to enter mass production in January 2015

It may be out in time to wear yours to Macworld/iWorld!

Rumor: More talk of a gold iPad

Ev’ryone wishes for silver and gold.