Steve Jobs is a martial arts action hero in “Eve’s Hungry”

A war between Apple and Google threatens the entire world with nuclear armageddon.

Steve Jobs had planned his departure in 2004

Jobs had departure plans in place as soon as a tumor was found on his pancreas.

Latest Steve Jobs documentary acquired by CNN, Magnolia

Read Technology Tell’s review from Stephen Silver before you bother with the movie.

First photos appear showing Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs

We’ll just have to keep waiting to see Jeff Daniels as John Sculley, I guess.


Steve Jobs biopic filming begins at Jobs’ childhood home

Because building a film set of a garage would’ve been too expensive?

Steve Jobs deposition video won’t be released

The video is not part of judicial record.

Samsung taunts the late Steve Jobs

Well…I guess we had that coming.

Apple CEO Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs on his birthday

There is no doubt Tim Cook still keeps Steve Jobs’ spirit alive within the company and keeps his work going for the world to appreciate. As Apple heads into yet another year of revolutionary product announcements, Tim Cook took time to remember his colleague and, most importantly, his friend.

U.S. Postal Service to issue Steve Jobs stamp in 2015

In 2015, Steve Jobs will get a collectible stamp from the U.S. Postal Service, according to a document obtained by the Washington Post. Other people and events that will be honored include Janis Joplin, Nevada Statehood, Letter Writing, and more. Unfortunately, since the design is still being developed, there’s no hint as to how the Steve Jobs stamp will look.


Tim Cook’s leadership means a more responsible Apple [updated]

The Tim Cook era at Apple has quickly become one of the more responsible eras the company has ever seen. That’s not meant to disrespect the late Steve Jobs, but he did bring his famous “reality distortion” when calling the shots. Under Cook, we have seen an impressive amount of responsibility in all areas of the company, including managing new hires, releasing products, and releasing timely software updates.


Should Apple buy Tesla? “Yes,” says analyst, and Elon Musk should be Apple CEO

Berenberg analyst Andaan Ahmad thinks Apple should buy Tesla Motors and make Elon Musk—who he perceives to be an innovative presence like the late Steve Jobs—Apple CEO. Mr. Ahmad suggests that by buying Tesla Apple would obtain in the person of Elon Musk a new iconic partner to lead Apple’s innovation — a move that would be analogically similar to the company buying NeXT in 1997 and getting Steve Jobs back as a bonus

Hedge fund manager drops Apple after reading Jobs’ biography

In today’s Apple story that probably doesn’t affect anyone you know, Julian Robertson, a semi-retired hedge fund manager revealed that he dropped all his stock in Apple after reading the Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Robertson came to the conclusion that while Jobs was a genius, he was also a “really awful” person who couldn’t build a long-lasting company.