iOS lost market share in 2014

This despite the fact that iOS device shipments grew by 25.6%

Hack lets Android Wear work with iOS

For notifications, anyway. Not much else at this point.

iPhone 6 sales rise in Asia, gain the second spot in South Korea

Samsung is still #1, but Apple swiped 30% of total smartphone sales in Korea.


Apple should buy BlackBerry, and not just to keep it out of Samsung’s clutches

An iOS BlackBerry? Perhaps down the road.


iOS vs. Android? Mobile vs. desktop? What to make of online purchases

Is it user experience or income that makes iOS users spend more?

iPhone 6 could outsell Galaxy Note 4 by a 10 to 1 margin

Buck up, Samsung. You still make really good TVs.


Blackberry Passport offers real innovation for productivity oriented phablet users

Blackberry deserves credit for daring to be different and doing so with distinctive substance.

Samsung, LG mock apple over the iPhone 6 bendgate issue

Because selling their products on their own merits is really hard.


Should iPhone users upgrade to the Nexus 4?

9gag implies there’s nothing new about the iPhone 6 after all, and its key features have existed since 2012 under the Nexus 4’s hood.

IDC: Phablets to outsell portable PCs worldwide in 2014 and tablets by 2015

Apple may be joining phablet sales wave at just the right time.

Microsoft releases Cortana vs. Siri ad

Microsoft’s new commercial pits its Cortana virtual assistant against the robot-voiced Siri from Apple. As the title “Happy Anniversary” suggests, the video revolves around a wedding anniversary. It shows the two phones side by side as the narrator makes a series of commands in relation to his activities for the day. Siri is unable to comply with any of the requests.

Samsung to release high-end Galaxy F-series to beat iPhone 6

When it comes to the smartphone wars, specs can be subjectively conclusive and inclusive. But now, even the launch date matters…at least for Samsung. The South Korean-based company is rushing ahead for a new flagship device called Galaxy F in order to release it ahead of the iPhone 6’s debut, which is expected for September, Phone Arena reports.