Microsoft releases Cortana vs. Siri ad

Microsoft’s new commercial pits its Cortana virtual assistant against the robot-voiced Siri from Apple. As the title “Happy Anniversary” suggests, the video revolves around a wedding anniversary. It shows the two phones side by side as the narrator makes a series of commands in relation to his activities for the day. Siri is unable to comply with any of the requests.

Samsung to release high-end Galaxy F-series to beat iPhone 6

When it comes to the smartphone wars, specs can be subjectively conclusive and inclusive. But now, even the launch date matters…at least for Samsung. The South Korean-based company is rushing ahead for a new flagship device called Galaxy F in order to release it ahead of the iPhone 6′s debut, which is expected for September, Phone Arena reports.

6 students develop software allowing iOS apps to run on Android devices

Six students from Columbia University developed software called Cider that allows native iOS apps to run on Android devices, 9to5Mac reports. The possibility of iOS apps running in the Android OS (and vice-versa) may involve legal issues as it’s an open door for piracy and ripped versions of apps. While Cider was deemed a prototype project, a full paper was already published on the university’s website in PDF format. But, as of this writing, it’s unavailable.

Battery life a major purchase driver for iPhone users

An IDC survey has found that among iPhone users, the most important aspect of a smartphone is its battery life. With responses from more than 50,000 smartphone users around the world, IDC’s survey shows that, at least with iOS, users chose the platform because of battery life.

Is Amazon discounting its Kindle Fire HDX because it is threatened by the iPad?

Amazon, on the other hand, has cut the price of its Kindle Fire HDX tablet by $30 to $40 to compete with Apple’s iPad sales. Amazon is selling the base 7″ Kindle Fire HDX for $30 off of its retail price of $229, bringing its price down to $199. The slightly larger 8.9-inch version of the HDX is gets a discount of $39, bringing its price down to $339 from $379.

Blackberry Meltdown at Funny or Die

Remember when people were calling Blackberries “crackberries” because they couldn’t put them down? Now no one wants to pick them up. As such, the folks at Funny or Die have put together this video of the last employee at Blackberry, who just happens to be Dave Foley having a “Blackberry Meltdown!” The video starts out with him selling Blackberry’s latest product—iPhones found in ex-employee desks—and it just goes south from there.


Microsoft offering $200 in their iPad trade-in program

Microsoft has launched a new iPad trade-in program that will pay you $200 if you choose to depart with your beloved iPad. You can then use this discount to purchase not just a Microsoft Surface tablet, but any other “cool” products you can find at the Microsoft Store, as well.


What does Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch mean for Apple?

Apple has announced it will be holding a media event on September 10th, likely to introduce the new multi-colored iPhone 5C, as well as an updated iPhone 5S. Samsung, however, has taken some of Apple’s buzz by introducing the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. The Galaxy Gear is compatible with some versions of Android, and comes in Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, and Lime Green.

Microsoft acquiring Nokia cell phone and services business for $7.2B

Microsoft has decided to take a risk by acquiring Nokia’s cell phone and services business for a hefty $7.17 billion. In addition to the acquisition of these two key parts of Nokia, Microsoft will also be taking over all of the company’s licensing and mapping. Though the deal won’t close until early next year, Microsoft will be paying out around $5.5 billion for Nokia’s Device and Services business, while paying out even more for patents

iPhone 5C clone—GooPhone i5C—will be available for $99

In just a couple weeks, Apple is expected to unveil its upgraded iPhone lineup. If rumors are to be believed, Apple will schedule an event on September 10th to showcase the much-anticipated iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C is believed to be the low-cost model, but it may not be as cheap as one might think; the device is expected to go on sale for $400-500 worldwide. If you want to make it easy on your pocket, there’s always the GooPhone i5C.

Blackberry Messenger to launch on iOS and Android this summer

It’s not surprising the BlackBerry Messenger service is coming to iOS and Android, especially considering Apple and Google are currently leading the smartphone market with iOS and a range of different Android devices. It was rumored back in 2011 that Blackberry was planning to bring the service to iOS, but it’s only now coming to fruition.

Google launches 10-inch Nexus tablet to compete with iPad

Google has officially announced a slew of new devices, including a new product line of smartphones manufactured by LG and a 10″ Nexus tablet from Samsung to compete with Apple’s latest products such as the iPad Mini and 4th gen iPad. Google also unveiled a new and upgraded, 32GB Nexus 7 priced at $299 with cellular data connectivity, and a new Nexus 10. All run on Google’s new Android v4.2 flavored-candy named “Jelly Bean.”