Relo app makes switching from Android to Apple easier than ever

You’ve made the right choice, now make it hassle-free.

Apple’s Android Trade-In Program not up to par

Trading in your Android device for an iPhone is a great idea. Doing it through Apple? Not so much.

Apple could start accepting Android trade-ins

Is this somehow implying that Android devices have resale value?

Google said to add iPhone support to Android Wear

Reports claim an announcement could come from Google at Google I/O in May.

iPhone sales outperform Samsung in Q4

It took one of the best quarters in Apple history to pull it off.

What’s more important: smartphone market share or profits?

Apple lost smartphone market share in 2014. So what? They also made a lot of money.


iOS lost market share in 2014

This despite the fact that iOS device shipments grew by 25.6%

Hack lets Android Wear work with iOS

For notifications, anyway. Not much else at this point.

iPhone 6 sales rise in Asia, gain the second spot in South Korea

Samsung is still #1, but Apple swiped 30% of total smartphone sales in Korea.


Apple should buy BlackBerry, and not just to keep it out of Samsung’s clutches

An iOS BlackBerry? Perhaps down the road.


iOS vs. Android? Mobile vs. desktop? What to make of online purchases

Is it user experience or income that makes iOS users spend more?

iPhone 6 could outsell Galaxy Note 4 by a 10 to 1 margin

Buck up, Samsung. You still make really good TVs.