New versions of Tweetbot coming to iOS and Mac

Considering Tweetbot is such a vital resource to the world of Twitter, this is exciting news.

“Killer App” for Apple Watch (and the Mac) announced

Send messages to Mac and (soon) iOS and Apple Watch users with predefined replies.

Tweetbot for Mac removed from App Store

Tweetbot says it’s trying to work with Twitter to resolve the issue.


Your selfies are annoying, and here are the numbers to prove it

Ends up most people hate selfies for a quite valid reason: they’re annoying, at least according to They recently released a report on the selfie backlash, which revealed that 74% of camera phone owners are annoyed by others’ selfies. No stats are provided for what percentage of camera phone owners are annoyed by their own selfies.

Tweetbot for Mac now supports multiple Twitter images

If you happen to be a regular Tweetbot for Mac user, there’s a piece of good news for you. The developer has pushed an update for the app, bumping it to version 1.6. The new version introduces a few handy features—including support for posting and viewing multiple images on Twitter’s photo sharing service—along with the usual bug fixes.

Appidemic: InstaDesk for OS X

More selfie shots, creative foodporn, endless works of art, stunning portraits, breathtaking landscapes and 15-second videos are seen with InstaDesk. It’s a Mac OS X Instagram client that lets you see more daily photo blurbs of your friends, friends’ friends and the rest of the world.

Twitter update syncs direct messages across devices

Twitter has announced several improvements to its iOS and Mac apps. Topping the list of new features is the synching of direct messages (DM) across all devices where you access your Twitter accounts. This means that when you read a DM on your iPhone, it will now be marked as read when you open your Twitter account on your browser, desktop app or tablet.


Facebook bug releases contact info of 6M users; shows how dangerous the Internet really is

The bug linked the information of the user who uploaded their contact info and the information of the friend who was invited to join Facebook, and made it available via the Download Your Information tool. This raises concerns that one of the largest social networks in the world is not secure enough to process and store all of the information users put in each day, including phone numbers, dates, and addresses.

Twitter to discontinue, deactivate Tweetdeck

Twitter continues to herd users towards a web-only interface. In a blog post, the Tweetdeck team announced that Twitter (which owns the app), is discontinuing support for Tweetdeck AIR (the desktop version for OS X and Windows), Tweetdeck for iPhone, and Tweetdeck for Android, and will stop distributing them in “early May.”

Tweetdeck for Mac update brings in “typehead,” People Search, more

Back in October, Tweetdeck was overhauled with a new design and personalization options. The app’s Chrome version was previously updated with some nice features such as “Embed this tweet,” and now all those new features have been brought into Tweetdeck for Mac.


Tweetbot for OS X review

Would you pay as much for a Twitter client as you would for a copy of Mountain Lion? I did, for a copy of Tweetbot. I’m a huge fan of their iOS client, and after Twitter bought then gutted the beloved Tweetdeck (as they did with their iOS app), I was really excited to learn that Tapbots was developing a OS X client. Tweetbot for iOS is a full-featured, user-friendly app, and its big sister on the Mac matches its features.

Evernote to release new and improved OS X client

Evernote will soon release a redesigned OS X client adding a number of user interface improvements and changing a few elements inside the app. The developers stated on the official Evernote blog page that the update brings an impressive 100 new features to the app.