Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – January 19, 2010

Plenty of iPhone and Macintosh developers are taking part in Indie+Relief tomorrow by donating a portion of their proceeds to charities focused on Haitian earthquake relief. Beyond that, ProteMac has announced their Security Suite for Mac OS X, Quirky has invited you over to the Space Bar, and Urbanears takes you into the future while taking you back to the ’80s.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – December 16, 2009

Mac games! Avernum 6 has been updated, and Warhammer offer rewards. Plenty of good productivity and utility applications, too, include Projector 2, iCash 6 and beaTunes. The big iPhone news is video streaming over 3G (again) along, although Animal from the Muppets may take issue with not being considered the big news. If you want games, we’re loaded today. Check it out.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – November 27, 2009

The big news today were all the Black Friday deals, of course, so scroll on down the page to find those. Plenty to be had for both the Mac and the iPhone, including some excellent freebies. Here’s we’ve got Sponge 1.3 for the Mac, as well as Octo Touch, a Rubber to the Road Notecast, Flirtatious and Traveler’s Quest for the iPhone. Oh, and apparently Carl is coming.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – November 11, 2009

Keynote themes. I know how you all love your Keynote themes. Hopefully you also love HDR photography software new MacBook Pro laptop bags. iPhone lovers are going to be happy if they love puzzle games, geotagging, finance management, top models, racing games and the Commodore 64. That’s right, the Commodore 64 Emulator is back in the app store, and we’re all better people for it.

App it Up: Skee-Ball

Skee-Ball is that game where you roll balls up a ramp in an attempt to get them into various rings for high point values, but Freeverse is never content to just leave things as they are. So, they’ve added multiple play methods, in-air ball control, various goals to reach (hit each ring in one game, get a certain number of points, get nothing but 20s, etc.), an online leaderboard, and the ability to exchange fake tickets for fake prizes. As a result, Skee-Ball is likely to stay in your game rotation longer than you’d expect.

Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – August 17, 2009

Slow day today. Very slow day. Let’s just list them, shall we? For the Mac, we’ve got The Mac Bundles special and Default Folder X 4.3 from St. Clair Software. The iPhone sees the i.TV Remote Control Framwork, the puzzle game T-KARA, GPush for GMail push notification, an iSkin $2,500 prize package giveaway, and Plusryu’s Eye Clock world clock. That’s it, but it’s enough, right?


Macintosh/iPhone software update roundup – April 13, 2009

There’s now an iPhone app called “Diffle,” which makes me think of Benny Hill every time I say it. Someone will have to explain why that is. On the creepy side of things, there’s also an app for tracking your exposure to radiation. Yikes. I’ll remain happily ignorant, thank you. On the lighter side of things, Moto Chaser for the iPhone is on sale, and WhoPaste and Advanced Photo Recovery are now available for the Mac OS X.

Macintosh/iPhone software update round-up – March 19, 2009

BeeJive combats piracy, Mobis provides cool comfort, Elgato speeds things up, Omenie gets all mellow, Cocktail clears a worm and Freeverse updates Europe. If that’s not enough for you, we’ve got plenty more, so check out today’s updates.


Macintosh/iPhone software update round-up – March 12, 2009

Heavy on the iPhone apps today, light on the Mac apps. When you find out that one of the iPhone apps is a game from the Don Bluth camp, though, you may not care about anything else. Unless, you’re into Evangelion, then you’ll care about something else. And if you’re eyeing those new iPod shuffles, you’ll be pleased to know that headphone companies are already announcing compatible headphones and pass-through cables.

Macintosh/iPhone software update round-up – March 5, 2009

Well, it started out all fun and games with the iPhone updates today, including The Perfect Guy, MouthOff and Scramble. But then Blue Lightning Labs had to come in with its math app and ruin the party for everyone. Thanks, a lot, Blue Lighting. The Mac updates aren’t making us learn math today. I mean, what next? An Excel compatible spreadsheet app for the iPhone? Oh. We’ve got that, too? Oh.

Macintosh/iPhone software update round-up – December 10, 2008

Macintosh and iPhone software updatesMacintosh and iPhone software updates and announcements for December 10, 2008.

  • BatchOutput DOC 2
  • Mailplane 2.0
  • Christmas Mail Stationery templates for Apple’s Mail
  • “Fabulous Christmas Greetings” for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Calisto Pro system home cordless phone with an integrated Bluetooth headset
  • Tioti TV+ for iPhone
  • Truphone Anywhere for iPhone
  • Choose Your Own Adventure books come to the iPhone
  • Mac Bundle Box Holiday MiniBundle launches
  • Spinning launches first heart rate and fitness app for iPhone & iPod touch
  • BinaryNights releases ForkLift 1.6 for OS X
  •, a mobile photo blogging service, is available for the iPhone

Oranized widget from iSlayer ready for Leopard

iSlayer is at it again with another widget for your Mac’s Dashboard. Dubbed Organized, this widget features a calendar with events, world clocks, notes and to-dos. What makes it even cooler is that the calendar and to-dos use Mac OS X’s built-in databases, so they’re always in sync with iCal and Mail. This widget requires more »