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It’s that time of year again.  You know, that time when you have to figure out what to get everyone for the holidays.  We can’t help finance your presents, but we can help you figure out what to get your loved ones!  Check out our great Gift Guide below.

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Here's a quick list of some of our favorite iOS games that would make outstanding gifts for even hardcore gamers. more »
For the iPhone 5 owning fashoinista, a high fashion case from X-Doria's Enage line may be the perfect stocking stuffer. more »
If the folks on your holiday gift list recently acquired an iPhone 5, what better to give than the gift of hard shell protection from Arctic or Uniea? more »
With the iPhone 5's availability finally easing, one great gift option is a case for that new iDevice. Here are options from X-doria and STM Bags. more »
The Bric BT is a competent portable Bluetooth speaker for dock connector iDevices, especially considering it is priced under the majority of its competition more »
My advice to those who use their iPhone frequently for photos, buy a case that's easy to remove and make sure you keep an Olloclip handy. more »
If you have iOS or Android owners on your gift list who are also into cars (or just unique gadgets), the CarBot could make for a fun little surprise on Christmas morning. more »
I can wholeheartedly recommend the Apogee MiC for acoustic instrument recording, but its ability to effectively record your voice will depend upon its timbre. more »
iPhone cases can be tricky to give as holiday gifts, but one way you likely can't go wrong is with a laser engraved iPhone bamboo case from iGear. more »
Boasting a slick aluminum design that perfectly complements your MacBook and iDevices, two USB ports, and the ability to power or recharge all your devices multiple times over, the HyperJuice2 provides ample power when you are far from an outlet. more »
The TonePrint app for iOS handles more than just the delay for the Flashback x 4. With so many cool artists and effects only a few seconds away, you can really explore the sonic frontier to your heart’s delight. more »
Connecting your guitar to your iPhone or iPad isn't as simple as plugging straight in, but IK Multimedia has made it both easy and familiar with their new iRig STOMP. more »
iClarity HD is a Bluetooth enabled set of speakers which will let you connect your iDevice without cables for portable music and hands free phone calls. more »
My reasons for not liking in-ear headphones are many, but Moshi's Clarus headphones effectively address nearly all of them. more »
The NCredible N-Tune headphones are on-ear, can-tyle headphones with a good fit, very good sound and a pretty cool style. If around $150 is within your budget, you won’t be disappointed. more »
The DryCase is a vacuum-sealed waterproof case for iPhone/iPod Touch that guarantees not only that your device stays dry, but the screen, camera, and audio out remain useable. more »
If you like to play while travelling, need to be able to practice without disturbing the rest of the household or would just like to try some amps and effects options without spending a lot of money, this is a great tool for taking a musical test drive. more »