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It’s that time of year again.  You know, that time when you have to figure out what to get everyone for the holidays.  We can’t help finance your presents, but we can help you figure out what to get your loved ones!  Check out our great Gift Guide below.

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Gifts Between $50 and $100
The Bric BT is a competent portable Bluetooth speaker for dock connector iDevices, especially considering it is priced under the majority of its competition more »
My advice to those who use their iPhone frequently for photos, buy a case that's easy to remove and make sure you keep an Olloclip handy. more »
There are myriad options available for turning photographs into canvas style prints, and CG Pro Prints is one you should definitely consider. more »
iPhone cases can be tricky to give as holiday gifts, but one way you likely can't go wrong is with a laser engraved iPhone bamboo case from iGear. more »
Buy Susan Kare's book ICONS and get a Smiling Mac art print as a beautiful gift for this year's holiday season. more »
iRig KEYS is a very portable keyboard with 37 keys and options to connect directly to your iOS device via 30 pin dock connector or to your computer over USB. more »
Connecting your guitar to your iPhone or iPad isn't as simple as plugging straight in, but IK Multimedia has made it both easy and familiar with their new iRig STOMP. more »
The iShower is a water resistant, portable, Bluetooth streaming speaker that lets you take your tunes on the go in wet environments without fear of frying any circuits. more »
If you like to play while travelling, need to be able to practice without disturbing the rest of the household or would just like to try some amps and effects options without spending a lot of money, this is a great tool for taking a musical test drive. more »