Cable-free DVR on the way, with the TiVo Roamio OTA

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The Journey Down Ch. 2 is now available, Ch. 1 is free

It’s one of the jazziest journeys you’ll ever take.

Blue’s Mo-Fi Headphones bridge gap between mobility and fidelity

For when you’d rather enjoy your music than get “beat” by it.


BrydgeAir for iPad Air coming with free shipping, $50 savings

Turn your iPad Air into a laptop, then get some work done.

FTL: Advanced Edition is my favorite transit game

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Kickstater Find: AirStand minimalistic universal tablet stand

Stop letting the man determine your viewing angle.


Always have the right charging cable with the Syncable Duo

I don’t have to go far back to recall a time when this would’ve come in handy.


Review: Magnus Air offers minimal display for iPad Air

Minimal display profile, good. Minimal display options, not so good.

Appidemic: Learn to dive with Fishy Feathers for iOS

No matter how early this bird is, it isn’t getting any more worms.

Satechi has one Bluetooth keyboard for OS X and iOS

One keyboard to control/option/command them all.

Doorways: The Underworld will open September 17th

“Born of the seeping punctures of human imagination.”


Review: Henge Docks Gravitas dock for iPhone and iPad [updated]

You can now use it without having to remove your third-party case.