Appidemic: Sonic Jump Fever for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Taking old skins and slapping them on new games is not an uncommon practice in video games. And in the world of mobile gaming, where players are more likely to follow a gaming trend than a franchise, it’s pretty much the norm. But as I spent the past couple days with a preview copy of Sonic Jump Fever, I found myself wondering if this isn’t the best use of the character yet on an iOS device.

Spigen teases the upcoming iPhone, could be known as iPhone Air

In case you haven’t yet had your fill iPhone rumor and speculation, here’s another interesting bit. Spigen—the popular case manufacturer known for teasing cases for unreleased products—has done it again. The company has teased an image on Google+ which may drop some hints about the upcoming iPhone 6.

Disney pulled a Zynga with Disney Checkout Challenge (Update)

From GamerTell Oh Disney, you were doing so well with your mobile games! Why did you have to go and make Disney Checkout Challenge a ripoff of Crazy Market? Read the full post on GamerTell »

In streaming box market share, Roku is #1

From EntertainmentTell Roku has the highest share of the streaming set-top box market Read the full post on EntertainmentTell »

Trident Case announces Qi-enabled iPhone case and charger series

Man. You people just really don’t like wires anymore. I’m not one to step in the way of progress, so here’s some news to help you cut the wires from your iOS devices. Trident Case has expanded its Electra Series with a new line of wireless chargers and cases that leverage Qi inductive charging technology. The series comprises five wireless chargers and two Qi-capable cases for devices that are not Qi-compatible, such as the iPhone.

We all know why The Sims 4 has no pools or toddlers

From GamerTell The Sims 4 will get toddlers and pools someday – we'll just have to pay for it. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Panzer Tactics HD brings WW2 to the iPad

Panzer Tactics HD is a remake of the Nintendo DS classic where you experience World War II as a member of the Soviet Red Army, the German Wehrmacht, and the Western Allies. Now available for the iPad, you can play three campaigns with more than 150 units and 30 officers where varying terrain, weather, and the morale of your troops turn each battle into a challenge, ensuring that no two matches are alike.

Sunless Sea Preview: The Paddler In Darkness

From GamerTell Exploring the uncharted waters of the early-access sailing RPG Sunless Sea, from the makers of Fallen London. Read the full post on GamerTell »

GRID 2 Reloaded Edition races through town this summer

Whereas I’ve never understood why people would want to watch one guy take a thing and make it go faster than another guy’s thing, I do get the need to be one of those guys with the thing. Most of us can’t just take our Toyotas to the streets of Paris and Abu Dhabi for some intense racing action, however, which is why we rely on Feral Interactive to release games such as GRID 2 Reloaded Edition.

Sharknado won’t leave us alone

Where I live, tornados are kind of thing. We just had a warning today, in fact, according to the AT&T notification. However, sharks are kind of not a thing, so no worries there. I live in greater fear of a frognado or tirenado, neither of which instill much fear. Thankfully, we’ll soon have Sharknado: The Video Game for iOS to fill that void.

Kickstarter Find: UNITI Stand for iMacs and monitors

There’s a right height for your monitor, and your iMac or Cinema Display may not be at it. Adjusting your chair to hit it can leave you sitting uncomfortably, but staring down or up at your monitor can hurt your posture. The solution is a monitor stand. I’ve used and reviewed a few here at AppleTell, most of which concerned themselves with either looked good sitting under Apple products or with providing additional functionality. The UNITI Stand, now on Kickstarter, seems concerned with both.

Humble 2K Bundle can include all the BioShocks

From GamerTell Grab your credit cards and head to the Humble Bundle site, because you can get all of the BioShock games for an incredible price in the Humble 2K Bundle. Read the full post on GamerTell »