Okay? is the next Desert Golfing

From GamerTell Okay? is like Desert Golfing, only you won't feel as bad if you find yourself failing. Read the full post on GamerTell »

An iPhone 6c may be headed our way

A new 4-inch iPhone may join the 4.7- and 5.5-inch models this fall.

Apple joins competitors in calling for end to Patriot Act

The Patriot Act allows the government to use many tools to bulk collect communications data.

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Blackwing Corruptor and Dragon’s Breath revealed

From GamerTell The latest Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain reveals are some real fireballs. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper now for the keeping

Many characters, many battles, many in-app purchases.

Warlocks preview: Character choice actually matters

From GamerTell In Warlocks, each character genuinely plays differently. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Shoppers get more try-on time with Apple Watch Edition

$10,000 is apparently worth about 15 minutes of Apple’s time.

iPhone trade-ins expanding to China next week

The program is already available in markets such as the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia.

Apple acquires database company FoundationDB

Per penny, FoundationDB is capable of handling 3.6 million database writes.

Would you want a pink iPhone 6s?

Not as in iPhone 5c pink, but more like silver, gold, space gray and…rosé?

2K Mobile Spring Sale for iOS, Android games

Some aliens, some big daddies, a little revolution, and that good old hockey game.

Innospark points us towards Hero Sky for iOS, Android

Lead armies of divine heroes against the forces of evil (or other players).