iPad Air 2 launches with A8X processor, 8MP iSight camera, more

It’s thin, it’s gold, and its more powerful than ever.

Apple announces iMac with Retina display, available now

It’s pretty, but pricey, and it’s available for order today.


OS X Yosemite available today for free

Better get queued up, it’s going to be a busy download kind of day.

Apple store goes down ahead of the iPad event

Apple store is down again, new iPads coming? debuts i.amPULS wearable

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Apple iPad event live blog, join us October 16th

It’s about so much more than the iPad, of course.

NBA 2K15 now playing on iOS and Amazon Fire devices

You had me until “2K Beats soundtrack curated by Pharrell Williams.”

iPhone 6 wallet case review: CM4 Q Card Case

Kind of ballsy to make a wallet case for the iPhone 6, don’t you think?

Review: StandStand portable standing desk

The most aromatic way to join the standing desk revolution.

Christian Bale-as-Steve Jobs looks like it’s happening

From EntertainmentTell Christian Bale appears to have agreed to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming film Read the full post on EntertainmentTell »

The Journey of Alvin is an app for kids based on “The Straight Story”

A children’s app based on a story that inspired David Lynch.

Analyst: iPad Air 2 in limited quantities, 27.5-inch iMac by year end

It speeds things up if you can memorize your credit card number.