Court approves GT Advanced’s settlement with Apple

The company collapsed when Apple pulled support for missing sapphire glass deadlines.

I am Bread Preview: Toasty

From GamerTell I am Bread may be silly, but it also challenges you to think of creative ways to toast a slice of bread. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Apple Pay grows to support 90% of US credit cards

Now, if we could just get more of the major retailers on board…

Appidemic: Sneaky Sneaky for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Sneak around just about everyone and everything to get back what you’d rightfully stolen.

Pronto and Peel deliver iPhone-based Smart Universal Remote

Goodbye multiple remotes, hello simplicity.

Apple supports Microsoft in fight against U.S. government

No one wants to give the government access to private information? Imagine that.

iPhone 6 was the top tech search on Google in 2014

It wasn’t as popular as “Flappy Bird,” however.

Apple gets support from judges in ebook case appeal

Apple’s actions were “perfectly legal,” according to at least one Circuit Judge.

North America can finally Battle for the Throne

Strategic kingdom-building gameplay and TCG-esque combat.

Elegy for a Dead World: Ghost Writer

From GamerTell Elegy for a Dead world is a game about resurrecting the vanished inhabitants of empty worlds via prose you compose yourself and share with the community. Read the full post on GamerTell »


Appidemic: Xmas World: Christmas & Celebrations Around the World

Teach toddlers about worldwide Christmas customs.

iPhone 6 aluminum bumper case showdown: Tigris vs. Draco 6

It’s DracoDesign vs. DracoDesign with two of the best looking aluminum bumpers you’ll ever see.