Goat MMO Simulator is the new best thing ever

From GamerTell Goat Simulator is getting an upgrade this week, as the next patch adds Goat MMO Simulator. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Apple + IBM Enterprise Project ready to mobilize

It looks like the Apple/IBM alliance’s timing has been impeccable.

Stats show Apple Pay is doing quite well

Despite Walmart’s best efforts, Apple Play is catching on.

Coming soon: A little Spotify in your Uber

From EntertainmentTell Spotify and Uber have partnered Read the full post on EntertainmentTell »

Review: Yantouch Diamond+ wireless speaker [video]

The impressive ambient light show compensates for the mediocre audio.

UnionPay added to App Store payment options

UnionPay is the largest bankcard network in China.

Tales from the Borderlands launch platforms, trailer announced

In case you haven’t had enough Borderlands action as of late. And you haven’t.

iPhone 6 case review: STM Harbour

A low-cost case with some important additional functionality.

Black Friday Apple deals from Target

A little bit of savings, a whole lot of gift cards.


Technology Tell Black Friday giveaway: Casetify custom iPhone 6, 6 Plus case

Cross at least one item off your Black Friday shopping list.

Defeat the Black Army in Chain Chronicle for iOS and Android

Line defense RPG featuring some of the biggest names in anime and manga.

Sennheiser releases SP 10 and SP 20 portable speaker phones

User-friendly functionality and Sennheiser sound quality.