A preview journey to Technobabylon for Mac, PC, and Linux

Omnipresent AIs tend to act badly.

iPoe 3 would like you to try a rare vintage of Amontillado

Piece of advice…don’t drink too much before you get to the cellar.

iPhone 6 Plus case review: LAUT Apex Folio

Despite its problems, the Laut Apex’s durability and sleekness charmed me eventually.

DOTA 2 mod makes the MOBA into a third person shooter

From GamerTell A DOTA 2 mod is in the works that will completely change the way you think about this MOBA. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Magic 8 Ball controls the future of iPhone and Apple Watch

Although important, the original Magic 8 Ball just wasn’t very portable.

iPhone 6 case review: Inner Exile Odyssey Voyage aluminum

A wonderful no-tool latch mechanism makes this one of the more convenient aluminum cases I’ve used yet.

Review: System Monitor utility app for iOS

All-in-one utility for monitoring your iPhone or iPad’s health.


New 12-Inch MacBook’s simplicity complicates data transfer

There are several potential avenues of approach, some of which are a bit pricey.


When Apple support is woefully (but hilariously) unhelpful

It started with me wanting to activate a $15 iTunes gift card. It ended with a lesson in safe sex.

The Spatials’ team must be Star Trek fans

From GamerTell The Spatials' characters reminded me a lot of Star Trek, but they've got resource problems Captain Kirk never did. Read the full post on GamerTell »


COPD Navigator iOS app for chronic-condition patients pilot program launched

Enables better, more timely management of COPD symptoms.

Review: Trapped Dead Lockdown for Mac, Windows, and Linux

It makes surviving the zombie apocalypse feel like a chore, not a challenge.