Poltergeist, A Pixelated Horror Review: Boo!

From GamerTell Poltergeist, A Pixelated Horror is the most difficult easy game ever. Read the full post on GamerTell »

My iPad Air 2 has shipped – musings while waiting

The package of enhancements was just too enticing to resist.

A-Audio debuts high end Icon wireless Bluetooth headphones

A-Audio’s Icon Wireless headphones add a dash of Bluetooth freedom to their Legacy headphone design.


Alpine iLX-007 in-dash receiver is Apple CarPlay compatible

Now you can focus on gas mileage and speaker system when car shopping.

David Hasselhoff wants zombies “Hoff” his beach

From GamerTell David Hasselhoff has a game where he fights zombies on a beach because of course he does. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Big Huge Games and Nexon announce DomiNations for iOS

Its history involves Zynga and Firaxis, so pay attention.

Review: Catalyst Pro Adapter for GoPro mount

Because waterproof iPhone cases are used by men and women of action.

Warhammer 40k Space Wolf brings strategy to iPhone and iPad

Free for iPad 3, iPad mini 2, or iPhone 5 and better.


BrydgeAir keyboards are shipping for iPad Air and iPad Air 2

Possibly the closest you’ll come to turning your iPad Air into a MacBook Air.

Rock the Pyle Audio Street Vibe Bluetooth speaker system

It’s like the boomboxes of the ’80s if the ’80s had been now.


Review: Catalyst Waterproof iPhone case [video]

We risk an iPhone for the sake of fair and accurate journalism.

2015 International CES will help pick up the Macworld pieces

There may be no drum circle, but there’ll be plenty for Apple developers and fans.