Macworld Expo 2011: Gone west

Compared to CES earlier in the month, the company names at Macworld, with all due respect, just aren’t as impressive. Apple’s gone. Okay. But what about Adobe, Belkin, and Altec Lansing? What about some of my smaller favorites such as Nisus, Mariner, Aspyr and Speck? Even expo stalwarts Boinx took 2011 off. Why?

Macworld 2011: Beyond the Expo – Digital Artwork on the Mac, iPad and the iPhone

My first training session Macworld Conference and Expo 2011 was in the iPad usage track with Macworld’s featured artist, Kyle Lambert. A traditionally trained artist, he has easily adapted to using computers for his art. Kyle shared with us a video that highlighted some of his digital works, and then he began to explain and show us how these were created using his Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Macworld 2011: Beyond the Expo

Macworld Expo is deeper than just the expo hall or even the keynote speakers. There is also a conference that includes training sessions that are hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. There are basically two types of training: all day workshops that start the day before the expo opens, and then shorter technical or skill-enhancement sessions that are spread out over the days of the expo. In past years, I have attended the workshops and conferences where I hope you will see in this series is a genuine value to those of us who use Apple products.

Macworld 2011: Appletell’s surprising finds

One of our favorite things about Macworld are the unique items we stumble across on the show floor. Yes, we get the press releases and we see the company names on the maps, but they don’t always tell the full story. Sometimes, you just need to see the product in action or speak with a developer for it to fully click. Here are the items from Macworld Expo 2011 that caught the Appletell staff by surprise.

Macworld 2011: Appletell’s favorite products

Macworld Expo 2011 was confined to Moscone North last year, and moved over to Moscone West this year. Despite the smaller show floor, there were still a lot of great products to try out. Here are the three items on hand at Macworld Expo that most impressed the Appletell writers in attendance: two devices to improve your channel surfing, and one to improve your gaming.

Macworld 2011: Tronworld 2011

You all saw that Macworld iPad Legacy video, the right? The Macworld Expo 2011 promo inspired Tron: Legacy? If you were at the Expo, you likely saw it on the show floor, too; the TVs set up at the entrance included it in their loop. But Tron’s influence didn’t end there. A couple of exhibitors also had their Tron licensed items on display, and another was happy to talk about their Tron merchandise, even if it wasn’t available on the Grid…I mean the show floor.

Macworld 2011: Day three recap [video]

Macworld 2011 has come and gone, but its legacy remains here at Appletell, thanks to our video recaps. Tonight, we wrap it all up, take a look at Macworld Best of Show winner Fling from Ten 1 Design, give you a video glimpse of what it was like to be here, look forward to 2010, and listen to two of our favorite new developers sing a traditional German drinking song. See you next year.


Macworld 2011: Booth babes!

Not only was Macworld full of Apple fanboys, awesome products, and media this year, it also had a fair share of booth babes. In many cases, these people were paid to simply stand around a booth or walk around the show floor in interesting or skimpy clothing to attract presence to a brand. Regardless of their purpose, we’re glad they exist.


Macworld 2011: Special deals roundup

Many exhibitors are offering special promotions at this year’s MacWorld Expo, a lot of which are available to those of you who couldn’t make it to San Francisco. iDevice skins and accessories, Mac software, apps and more can be found on sale. Jump past the break for a list of the deals we have found so far.

Macworld 2011: Day two recap [video]

Day two of Macworld Expo 2011 has come and gone, but don’t think we haven’t noticed. In tonight’s roundup video, we discuss the lack of a keynote speaker, take a look at Navigon’s Design Car Kit, find out what a used 1st gen iPhone is worth, and head into the Black Forest to find a fairly cool iPhone clock.

Macworld 2011: AppMuse CEO Mark Stetler talks about iOS app trends

AppMuse, a company that aims to develop free quotes and find pre-scanned developers for people with an app idea, was one of the companies in the Mobile Apps Showcase at this year’s Macworld. Their CEO, Mark Stetler, took the time to chat with me about some of the trends he’s been he’s been seeing in the creation of iPhone apps from the standpoint of a man who has certainly been introduced to a lot of them.

Macworld 2011: Unique iPhone cases [updated]

Macworld is iDeviceworld. I think we all know that now. But rather than fear change, we at Appletell will embrace it, especially it when it concerns some really cool iPhone cases like the ones here. This is by no means a fair sample of the diverse collection of accessories available on the show floor, but these are the ones that caught our eye on a busy day one.