Review: Misfit Shine Ekocycle activity tracker

The Misfit Shine Ekocycle combines fitness tracking and environmental consciousness.

Misfit launches environmentally-conscious EKOCYCLE band

Finally…a healthy use for Coke (the bottles, anyway).

Misfit Minute app launches on Apple Watch

Short and engaging workouts on your Apple Watch.

Misfit’s Swarovski Shine activity tracker is a solar powered beauty

The Misfit Shine activity tracker adds some sparkle.


Review: Misfit Flash activity tracker

One of the most affordable activity trackers on the market.

Misfit Flash is the best deal out there for activity trackers

Misfit Flash has the Misfit Shine’s best features encased in an extremely durable and waterproof soft-touch plastic case that comes in seven different colors.


Back to school and across the campus giveaway

Tonight is your last chance to enter to win an OGIO: Rucksack Backpack, Champ: Bodyguard Battery Rechargeable Power Bank, and Misfit Shine fitness wearable.

Sleep smart with the Beddit Sleep System from Misfit

Some people like to read in bed. Some very misguided people think it’s a decent place to hold a conversation. Me? I like using my bed for sleep. And thanks to Misfit, I can also now use it to monitor my sleep with the Misfit Beddit Sleep System. Integrating with the Beddit Sleep Monitor and advanced signal processing technologies, Beddit measures the quality of your sleep using heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, and sound.