Drobo backup stytem updated

Drobo, the automated local backup system, has just been updated with a slew of new features, including USB support, faster build times, and enhanced support for Time Machine. The four-bay system will also be four times faster than previous versions, and will feature a loyalty discount for previous users.

Western Digital now shipping external hard drive with Thunderbolt

Western Digital is now shipping its first external hard drive with Thunderbolt technology, the My Book Thunderbolt Duo dual-drive storage system. It features double-safe data protection and flexibility, ultra-fast data transfer rates for greater work efficiency, a 4 or 6 TB capacity, customized dual-drive storage system with RAID 0, 1, and JBOD options, customer serviceable drives, and two Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining with other peripherals.

Apple releases OS X 10.7.3 supplemental software update

Apple has released a new update for OS X 10.7.3, with intent to solve a problem of “Time Machine” backups malfunctioning. Many Mac OS users were experiencing some errors when trying to restore from a backup using the built-in service of Time Machine. The update is available now, directly at Apple’s support downloads page, and the whole download weighs in at 24.55 MB.

Cirrus Thinking offering college students 1GB of free cloud storage

Cirrus Thinking, creators of the Dolly Drive cloud storage service specifically designed for use with Apple’s Time Machine, is now offering 1,000 college students 1GB of free Dolly Drive storage along with the chance to win $1,000 in college spending money. Dolly Drive works by using Apple’s native Time Machine app for backing up specified content every so often, storing that content in the cloud rather than on an external disk.

Time Machine adds local backups and document locking

Apple’s Time Machine has been slightly tweaked within OS X Lion, adding caching of local backups of a user’s system changes and documents to the boot drive, which are later transferred to your usual backup source once it is connected to your Mac. As a result of this new feature, Time Machine shows within it a history of up to a week of local backups.

OS X Lion capable of reinstallation over the Internet

9to5 Mac has managed to get ahold of an internal AppleCare manual (above) that contains information about a new recovery system in OS X Lion that is summoned by holding down the Command+R keys during boot. The new recovery mode allows users to restore their Mac to any Time Machine backup, run Disk Utility, and now also reinstall Lion over the internet directly from Apple’s servers without the need to actually boot into Lion and do so from within the Mac App Store.

GoFlex for Mac Ultra-portable hard drive review

The huge capacity and interchangeable connection methods for prolonged use make this a worthwhile addition to your mobile workstation. The fact that it’s pre-formatted for Mac users and supports Time Machine out of the box are just bonuses. The merely “good” performance is something you’ll just have to settle with in order take advantage of everything else the GoFlex for Mac Ultra-portable offers.


Apple launches MacBook repair extension program for hard drive issues

A hard drive failure is one of the most painful problems than can affect your computer. Sadly, Apple has identified that a “very small” percentage of MacBooks sold between May 2006 and the end of 2007 are exhibiting higher than normal hard drive failure rates. If you have one of these MacBooks, drop everything and backup your data. The identifying symptom of this problem, hard drive failure, is booting to a flashing question mark instead of OS X.


Appletell reviews the G-DRIVE Q external hard drive

G-Technology is known for their smooth lines and clean designs. The G-Drive Q is no exception. It’s the classiest way to add storage to your Mac. It’s a great way to add gigabytes to your Mac for any of the great reasons that you might have, whether that would be backing up home movies or important documents, adding more space for TV recordings, or just plain being responsible with Time Machine.

The new Time Capsule and Airport Extreme: first look

Yesterday, Apple somewhat quietly updated both the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme. Most everything stayed the same as previous version with the exception of a few fun details like guest networking and simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi.


How Snow Leopard could be the biggest OS X upgrade yet

Snow Leopard will not have any new features. Though this isn’t technically true, it’s what Apple says. So why would I want to buy it? Because, assuming Apple delivers on their promises, it will be the best Mac OS X experience I’ve ever had. Now, keep in mind none of these features are definite, but this wishlist should give you an idea of the type of changes that will make Snow Leopard a fantastic desktop companion. Whether people will buy Snow Leopard or not due to its “lack of features” is a different article, but for those who do buy Snow Leopard, here is why they will be running the biggest and best upgrade to OS X yet.


Time Machine update will offer battery-saving feature

Time Machine is Leopard’s built-in backup solution. Backing up every hour, Time Machine keeps all of your files safe on either an external FireWire/USB drive, or a networked drive like Apple’s own Time Capsule. Time Machine is a pretty limited service at the moment – you can only have it back up every hour, and more »