Easiest. Mount. Ever.

Omnimount demonstrates a $39.95 (MSRP) DIY mount that installs in only a few steps.

Flat Panel TV Installation: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

In today’s do-it-yourself society, you’re probably taking on tasks lately previously thought of as “best left to the pros.”

25 HDTV Tips

1. Pick the right screen size We know you want a big TV, but just how big can you go? Setting aside cost, take the screen size (measured diagonally) and multiply it by 1.5 to three. That will give you an approximate minimum to maximum seating distance for that TV. Next, measure the distance you expect to sit from your new TV and view multiple TVs from that distance in stores to get an idea how they’ll look in your room. 2. Listen, Don’t Just Look. Picture quality is only half of the HDTV experience. Most programs are broadcast in 5.1 surround sound, and

Install Your Own Flat Screen Ceiling Mount

There are any number of reasons you may decide to install a flat screen television using a ceiling mount. You may have wall stud limitations. You may want the TV positioned at the height of the ceiling. Or you may just have no walls. Whatever the reason, it ought to be a good one because it definitely adds time, expense and most-of-all risk to the operation. For me, the reason was simple. There was one appropriate location for the 42-inch Philips 1080p set in my rented apartment – above the fireplace. The landlord would’ve evicted me had I wall-mounted it into the customized wood

Fixing the Photos of Summer

Ah, summer photos, at the beach, in the mountains, at the pool, lounging in the backyard. If we take enough photos of summer, maybe it will never go away. But of course, it will, and you will probably have gigabytes of photos to remember it by. But no matter how good your camera, some of those photos might not quite capture summer the way you remember it. So you turn to your photo editing software for a fix. Standalone editing programs such as Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Elements or Corel Paint Shop Pro offer sophisticated options for tweaking your photos. But even basic editors

Set Up a Vista Media Center Extender

Microsoft Windows’ Media Center Edition has been around for a few years but the latest generation – built into Windows Vista – mated with a new Media Center “Extender” makes significant progress towards bridging the gap between your home office and the living room. Essentially an attractive full-screen application which runs on top of Windows, Media Center allows you to browse your digital photos, listen to music, play a DVD as well as watch and record television – all on your computer. That’s great if you’re sitting in front of your PC, but what if you want to do those same things from the

Rootclip: Shoot Your Own Adventure

In a case of mistaken identity, a man passes off a case containing who-knows-what to the wrong guy in a restaurant. The guy who was supposed to get the case sees the wrong guy leave with it. And then… Well, actually, that’s completely up to you. Kevin Antoine and Erik Luchauer, the co-founders of Rootclip, have only created the first chapter of this short film. They’re inviting the rest of the world to help them finish it. “Users come to the site, watch the video, then go out and shoot what they think should happen next in the story,” says

Iron Man: DIY Superhero

Perhaps the reason Iron Man, a movie based on a superhero without the brand name recognition a Super, Bat or Spider-Man, opened to $100+ million this weekend is that he’s a superhero for the gadget generation.
One of the most notable things about the film version of Tony Stark is the way in which he interacts with technology. Instead of Alfred the Butler, he has Jarvis, an equally sardonic AI. He talks to his robots and manipulates three-dimensional holograms of his designs by hand. For a demographic that interacts with devices as if they were human (how many times have you

Hardware Mash-Ups

Buglabs Founder and CEO Peter Semmelhack demonstrates a new product that allows you to build your own CE devices.


Install a digital home security system

Tools Required: -Computer -High-speed internet service -Internet router For most people, the idea of installing a home security system without the help of a professional is more than a little scary. After all, traditional alarm systems such as those from ADT involve the running of wires to every door and window in your home, drilling holes in said windows and doors, and tying the system into your home telephone system. Put simply, it’s a daunting project for even the bravest weekend warrior. Instead, what if you could secure your home in one or two hours and in the process open the door to

Top 25 Phone Applications

It’s not a phone anymore. It is a platform. As more of us come to rely on our more sophisticated multimedia phones for everything from email to Web browsing, travel planning to shopping, the future has become clear. Resistance is futile. Cell phones are the next PC. While not all of our favorite mobile applications work on every carrier and phone (check your provider and your own phone deck for availability) a number of widely available titles continue to impress us as examples of just how good the emerging technology can get. Facebook for iPhone Hands down the best iPhone Web app, this portable


DIY: PlayStation 3 Hard Drive Upgrade

If you’ve got a PlayStation 3, then you surely know that its potential goes way beyond gaming. Unfortunately, loading up the system’s hard drive with music, pictures and videos can quickly eat up space required for game saves and new game downloads. And if you sprung for one of the cheaper 40GB models, you’ll find yourself meeting the brick wall sooner than later. Thankfully, Sony was wise enough to make the PS3’s memory easy to upgrade using an off-the-shelf notebook drive. In this DIY installment, we explain how to back up your PS3’s data, replace the existing hard drive and restore your files