Walmart Drops Prices, Offers Install Deals

At the start of Super Bowl week, Walmart Monday announced slashing of prices on several items, including both TVs and installation service packages.

Panasonic, Control4 Team on “Extreme Makeover”

Control4 said this week that it has teamed up with Panasonic in contributing to a home renovation in Buffalo, N.Y. that was featured on the TV series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” The episode aired Sunday.

Target Delivery and Installation Service Launches

Target's new TV delivery and installation service, developed in association with Zip Express, will roll out this week, the company announced

Walmart Plans Electronics Support

Walmart is planning to roll out a support program for CE products later this month.

Easiest. Mount. Ever.

Omnimount demonstrates a $39.95 (MSRP) DIY mount that installs in only a few steps.

Circuit City Sued For Porsche Joyride

Circuit City’s wind-down proceedings just got one more headache- one right out of "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off."


Monster Moves to the Next HDMI Level

Monster Cable has partnered with Irish silicon chip developer RedMere and will release sometime in September its first models in a new line of self-powered, ultra-thin HDMI cables.

Zip Express Targets Ex-Firedog Customers

With the demise of Circuit City, other retailers have begun jockeying for position to move into markets vacated by the nation’s second-largest CE retailer. Zip Express Installation is planning to pick up some of the slack left by the company’s firedog divison.

Zip Express Signs Up Tiger Direct, CompUSA

Zip Express Installation announced last week that it has signed up a pair of resellers- and to which it will provide installation services. The deal is through SYX Services, a film affiliated with both resellers. Customers of those two retailers can now buy installation packages along with any major CE purchase from the two sites. “Retailers are looking for a way to gain additional revenue, and selling third-party installation services is a great way to do that,” Zip Express’ CEO, Chris Mauzy, said as part of the announcement. “Using Zip Express for those services provides greater benefits for the retailer.”

Verizon Launches Service Plan

Verizon announced last week that it is entering the crowded CE tech support field, launching a new program known as Expert Care. The new service includes service plans that include around-the-clock customer service, one of which is done in tandem with Circuit City’s firedog service. Expert Care includes three tiers: a device protection plan, a subscription-based Premium Technical Support plan, and the top-tier Premium Onsite Support, with which Verizon has teamed with firedog. “We developed Expert Care to give customers the kind of support they need to keep their digital home networks humming.” Verizon executive Peter Castleton said as part of the

LG Launches Online Installation Tool

LG on Friday launched a new online service aimed at helping consumers understand how to install home theater components. The service, known as WireWize, includes information about connectivity, as well as instructions on how to set up various components. “LG wants to ensure that our customers are able to easily install their electronics into the home,” LG’s director of product development, Tim Alessi, said as part of the announcement. “Many consumers purchase a variety of different entertainment components from various manufacturers, only to face uncertainty and frustration when attempting to set them up at home. We’re committed to keeping our customers top of

Review: Carada Masquerade Masking System

If there’s one question I’ve gotten more than any other over the years, it’s some version of this: “Why are there black bars above and below the picture?” A popular twist on that question is: “Why doesn’t the picture fill my screen?” The simple answer is, not all video is shot the same. Movies are typically wider than television shows and some movies are wider than others. Even on a widescreen display or traditional front projection screen, there’s no getting around the fact that The Matrix and Gladiator – like many films – will be wider than your 1.78:1 screen. If those “black bars”