How a Kid-Friendly Cell Phone Gave Me Peace Of Mind

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Verizon Chaperone Review

Between work and kids I’m always looking for something to give me a little peace of mind. When my son was old enough to head off to school, I knew I wanted him to have a cell phone. He is smart, quick and knows to try to find me in an emergency.

To my delight, I discovered there are kid friendly phones out there that not only give him a few big buttons to press if he needs to reach us, but have GPS tracking so I always know where he is.

The phones are small, colorful and extremely kid friendly. With a limited keypad, you can’t call random numbers by mistake. When my son presses one of the four buttons to call us, “mom” or “dad” pops up in the display so he is sure he is making the right call.

OK, let’s talk really cool technology now. We chose the Migo, built by LG, and offered by Verizon. An additional service you can sign up for is called Chaperone. When I brought the Migo home, at first I couldn’t figure out how to program in our numbers since the phone doesn’t have a traditional numeric keypad. As I read through the manual though, I discovered there’s a great website that lets me program and send the information straight to the phone.

The other truly impressive feature of Chaperone is called Child Zones. You can program the “child” phone to send your “parent” phone a text message whenever your child arrives or leaves a specific location. I have it programmed so if my son were to leave the school grounds, the phone would send a text message to my phone alerting me.

You can also track the exact location of the Migo phone through Chaperone on their website, or with your cell phone. So, if we are apart, I can launch Chaperone on my cell phone and get his location instantly.

So, one Saturday morning we packed the kids in the car and headed over to our local Verizon store and my son helped pick out his new cell phone. The store downloaded Chaperone to my cell phone and set up his new Migo phone and we were ready to go.

With cell phones making their way into younger hands, it is great to see the cell phone industry embrace these new users. For a small child this can be invaluable and for me it was well… a little peace of mind.

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