Canon Builds its 80 Millionth EF Lens

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That is a whole lotta glass

When it comes to photographic gear, Canon is one of the biggest names in the industry. The company produces everything from high-end professional-grade DSLR cameras to extremely cheap point-and-shoot cameras that are practically disposable. So it is with great excitement that they are now celebrating a milestone in the production of their EF lenses.

As of August 3, 2012, Canon has built 80 million EF lenses. For a bit of perspective on this, back in 1995 they breached the 10 million mark and by 2001 they toppled the 20 million milestone. It would then take them another seven years to break the 40 million EF lens production mark. However, when the EOS SLR cameras took off shortly thereafter, it was all of one year before they toppled 50 million EF lenses.

Now it seems Canon is a production powerhouse as it is only nine months since they announced their 70 millionth lens. At this pace, Canon just may break 100 million in fewer than two years.

The EF lens first hit the market with the EOS SLR camera system way back in March of 1987. According to Canon, the EF line has since introduced a wide range of the world’s first technologies. Some of these include the Ultrasonic Motor used to quietly autofocus, Image Stabilization that allows users to hand hold and use their camera at very low shutter speeds, and multilayered diffractive optical elements that help produce images with richer color, lower chromatic abrasions, and sharper subjects. Currently, the EF line contains 76 models and continues to grow.

A big congrats goes out to Canon on breaking through the 80 million mark. With the rumors of a medium-format camera on the way, a newly announced mirrorless system that also utilizes the EF lenses, and a continuing growth in the high-end consumer markets, it will not take long for that 100 millionth lens to roll off the production line!

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  1. Canon really are cranking out the best lenses available on the market and the quality is second to none

    Darren Burgess