Nikon Embraces Android in the S800c

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After countless weeks of rumors and leaked images, it looks like the Nikon S800c is finally a reality thanks to an official announcement! While the world may already be chock full of point-and-shoots, this one is a bit special as it is running Android as its primary operating system. This is both exciting and scary.

Let’s start with the tech specs of the camera itself starting with the fact that Nikon crammed in some vibration reduction onto this small device. It is also equipped with a 10x zoom lens (25-250mm in 35mm format), rocks 8fps burst mode, creative filters built right in, 1080p HD video recording with full stereo sound, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a 3.5-inch OLED touch screen. All of these features sit on a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor. The VR, GPS, and Wi-Fi are all nice touches to a point-and-shoot that fits right in a shirt pocket.

Things become particularly exciting when the fact that this camera runs on Android is thrown into the mix. The combo of Android and Wi-Fi means that users may upload images straight off the camera to Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Google+, or whatever social media is hottest at the moment. It also means that handy tools like Google Maps and tagging photos with GPS coordinates is all manageable right off the S800c without the need of pulling out that bulky cell phone. And yes, users may even play Angry Birds while they wait for the perfect light to strike. Sadly, this camera cannot make a phone call to order pizza.

Is it a phone, or a camera?

The scary part to this is what happens when Android locks up? Will users be out of a shot as they sit and wait for the camera to reboot, or will this device be smart enough to still bypass the OS and put that ever-important photo of the kids onto the memory card? As of this writing, no images of what the OS looks like or how it will function have been posted either, and depending how easy this is to navigate could turn people on or off to Android being used on future devices.

This is an exciting time for the COOLPIX S800c while still being a bit scary as we wait and see how well consumers embrace the Android OS on their point-and-shoot devices. With phones becoming more and more like compact cameras themselves, it looks like Nikon is ready to dish out some medicine of their own. The S800c is available in September and carries a price tag of $350 while coming in either white or black.

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