Instagram Socialmatic Camera goes from Dream to Reality

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Crazy looking camera that is packed with fun

All anyone needs to do is jump on Facebook or hit up Flickr and they will see that Instagram is by far one of the most popular ways of capturing candid moments of cups of coffee. This app started out as a free way to snag retro style images on the iPhone, but after a bit of development, it finally jumped to Android and ultimately enjoyed a buyout from Facebook. Now it appears the next evolution is to take the digital app into the physical realm.

Instagram Socialmatic was nothing more than a concept that flew around social media outlets back in May. The idea is that this camera lets users capture images, share them online, and print them out in the 1×1 square format that Instagram made so popular. This dream is now becoming a reality, and a neat one at that. The camera comes with 16GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 4:3 touchscreen, two lenses, LED flash, and an internal printer. This looks like it is to be the Polaroid for the 21st century.

This is all possible thanks to some recent partnerships taking place at ADR Studio. The first is Artem Shishakin joined ADR Studio to help develop the project and he comes with experience in company management and fund raising. The second is that Global Mobile Network Inc. has joined up as the technical partner of ADR Studio. Mr. Shishakin has already helped in securing private funding while Global Mobile Network Inc. is there to help build the first prototype camera and get it into tester’s hands. The hope is that they can release a finalized product in 2013.

This camera, while strange looking, poses a lot of potential thanks to being able to share images online along with having a printer build right in. Yeah, there are cameras out there that can do these things already, but not both. While the cost on the camera and print cartridges is yet to be announced, the fact that this carries the Instagram name is sure to help make it a large success when it finally does land on store shelves.

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