Tamron Roundup: See How Tamron is Helping Everyone Take Better Pictures

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TamronTamron is a lens company that continues to impress. They truly want to help you take better pictures and are leading the way with innovative and interactive ideas. Here are a few of the ways you can use Tamron as a resource.


Iconic Places offers exclusive articles on their newly launched Tamron Lenses & How-To App. You’ll find professional photographers sharing photo and travel tips in the new Iconic Places category added exclusively to the how-to articles on the app. These articles cannot be seen on the Tamron website or blog so download the Tamron Lenses & How-To App for Android, iPhone or iPad here.


Birthday Photo Tips were recently posted on the Tamron Mom-To-Mom Exhibit site. You’ll find tips from moms as well as other exhibits at this user friendly website. Find the birthday photo tips and more here.


Tamron User “My Food Exhibit” Photo Contest is open for entries and the winner gets their choice of 1 of 5 select lenses. The deadline to enter is 12/31/12 so head over and enter today.


Tamron 24-70mm Professional Gallery has recently launched and you’ll find eight professional photographers sharing images and their thoughts about the new lens. There is a variety of subject matter… something for everyone in this gallery. This is a great section to share with fellow photographers who are looking for some pro feedback on this new lens.


Tamron My Photo Exhibits app is available for iPhone, iPad and now Android. You can download the app here.


Tamron has recently posted four of the six videos from their How-To Video Series on You Tube. One more will be posted in November followed by the forth video in December. View these instructional videos here.


If you want to keep up with all that Tamron has to offer, follow them on Twitter. Tamron’s Twitter handle is @TamronUSA and you will find them active and a great way to stay up to date on all that they are doing to help you take better pictures.


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