Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera Blends the Digital and Analog Worlds

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polaroid-z340-printerPolaroid announced that its Z340 instant digital camera is “the next step in the evolution of the famed instant camera.” It features a full-function 14 megapixel digital camera and an integrated ZINK printer.

To deliver a new twist on the instant experience, the Z340 enables users to customize each individual photo between snap and share, making it “a digital photo booth that turns your images into a new social currency in less than one minute,” the company said.

Since the launch of the Polaroid Land Camera in 1948, the first instant camera, people worldwide have enjoyed the magic of instant photography. The Polaroid Z340 camera delivers the same instant experience that is synonymous with the Polaroid brand: a quick and easy way to capture, print, share and create with snapshots.

The Z340 pays homage to its analog predecessors yet contains an advanced, digital feature set. Lightweight and designed for portability, it combines a 14MP camera with a ZINK printer that uses Zero Ink Printing technology from ZINK Imaging to deliver a 3×4-inch print that is the same size as the classic Polaroid photo. Print options include the iconic Polaroid classic border or full bleed and contemporary 3×4-inch photos.

The integrated printer does not require ribbons, toner or inkjet cartridges, but instead uses patented ZINK paper, a composite material with embedded cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals. Before printing, the crystals are clear, so the paper looks like regular white photo paper, but then the Z340 uses heat to activate and colorize the crystals. ZINK prints emerge fully developed and protected by a smudgeproof, water-resistant coating.

Other features include: a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that prints up to 25 photos and 75 captures; a 2.7-inch LCD to compose and view images; SD card slot; onboard editing features; and the ability to upload custom borders to the camera.

The Polaroid Z340 camera retails for $299.99; 30 sheets of Polaroid ZINK 3×4-inch paper costs $19.99.

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