Pelican Products and OmegaBrandess Offer Pelican ProGear S130 Sport Elite Bag

Sections: Accessories

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Pelican-ProGear-S130Pelican Products and OmegaBrandess introduced the Pelican ProGear S130 Sport Elite laptop/camera divider backpack. The S130 features a removable padded divider set with a high-impact, protective polymer door to protect a camera body, extra lenses and flash equipment. Remove the padded dividers and the compartment becomes a travel pack large enough to fit a few days’ worth of personal gear.

Also designed to safeguard Ultrabook laptops, MacBook computers, netbooks, e-readers, tablets, keyboards and other accessories, the slim integrated crushproof Pelican case features the same military-grade attributes as Pelican’s classic case products. Its features include a watertight O-ring seal with automatic pressure equalization valve and a set of four adhesive-backed, memory foam buffers that secure the laptop or tablet for safe travel.

An expanding storage compartment provides additional storage for accessories, such as small tripods or jackets, etc. To help with balance and load distribution, a nylon chest clip and removable belt are included. $304.95.

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