To Smartphone or Not to Smartphone

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smartphone-vs-camerasMore and more photos are taken with smartphones every year, so how can you make your smartphone work best for all your shooting needs… well you sort of can’t, but you can get some amazing photos from your smartphone that will help document your life in a way that was impossible before. Your camera will still offer some features that a smartphone can’t like long telephoto zoom lenses. Most people didn’t carry their camera with them all the time though, but your phone seems to always be either in your hand, tucked into a pocket, or clipped to your side.

I have found I can capture the moments in my life that would have otherwise been missed just by having this amazing smartphone by my side 24/7. This is coming from a photo junky. I LOVE photography. I have DSLRs, fast lenses, external flashes, and I am still thankful for the superior image quality I get from my iPhone.

I think that is the key for photographers to embrace their smartphones as an additional form of image capture – the image quality. My older phones had cameras, but I would go with a two-year contract on a phone and take maybe a dozen photos total. On the flip side, there is barely a day that goes by that I don’t take at least one photo on my iPhone, and many days more than that.

smartphone-vs-dslr-cameraI love how you can get close to your subject and fill the frame for a wonderful portrait or even flower photos. I also appreciate the panoramic feature that let me capture my snow-covered backyard in winter. The versatility continues to impress me as well as the image quality both from a lens and noise standpoint.

With all of that said, the most attractive feature of my iPhone as a camera is the instant sharing functionality. The ability to share images instantly is irreplaceable. With family spread throughout the country, the ability to instantly share memories with them through my smartphone is something I am not willing to give up.

Now, will I give up my DLSR anytime soon? Never. The best images I take are still with my bag of photo gear; everyone knows me as the photo mom. The one who always has the big camera with the super long lens tethered to a monopod at sporting events… but I also wouldn’t give up my iPhone anytime soon either.


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