SmugMug for Android: Upload, Manage and Browse

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smugmug-for-android-appDue to the popularity of the SmugFolio app, widely viewed as the best Android app on the market for SmugMug users to upload, manage and browse SmugMug on the go, SmugMug acquired the third-party app and hired its developer, Brian Wood .

Relaunched as SmugMug for Android, the app now includes the ability to browse SmugMug user accounts without needing to log into the app. This provides friends and family with an easy way to browse SmugMug users’ public galleries on phones and tablets.

“After talking with the app’s developer, we knew that we’d hit a gold mine of Androidical genius; Brian did such a great job designing, building and maintaining this app we knew he bleeds green just like us,” the company wrote in the SmugMug Blog. “And he’s been a longtime SmugMug customer to boot. So we asked if he’d come join the cadre as one of our official Android engineers. We couldn’t be happier to have him on our team!”

The newly improved free app, with a recognizable new icon, is available in the Google Play store. In addition to the easier browsing functions, security was bolstered by switching to OAuth for the log-in. Users will need to log in once they’ve updated to the new app, but their photos will still be available in the app. To make the app more secure and to prepare for future enhancements, the updated app requires Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or above. If users have Android 2.x or earlier, they can use SmugFolio but won’t be updated to the new app.

SmugMug for Android now features: the ability to upload unlimited photos and videos into unlimited galleries; quick access to photos even when users are offline; the ability to upload photos and videos on the go or automatically upload as they are captured, and browse photos from favorite users without needing a SmugMug account; full-screen slideshows across all galleries or within a single gallery; multi-select to move, collect, delete and share multiple photos at a time; auto download galleries via Wi-Fi; auto upload photos and videos from any location to any album; and bulk upload multiple photos and videos at a time.

In addition, users can upload content with GPS location and display photo geolocation on Google map; view detailed photo information; view comments on photos and albums; filter photos by keywords; assign photo ratings and filter by photo rating; create new galleries, edit gallery titles and public settings; share URLs or photos with other Android applications; and automatic short URL generation using SmugMug.

Users can also export photos and galleries to a local device gallery and have a choice of browsing by category or by gallery, as well as change download location to external SD cards (or any folder).

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