2014 Product Showcase: Digital Imaging Accessories

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Manfrotto-Camera-BagsManfrotto Advanced and Pro Camera Bags

Manfrotto’s Advanced and Pro camera bags sport a sleek Italian design. Varying in size, the Advanced line includes 12 bags from backpacks and slings to holsters and shoulder bags. The Pro line offers 14 products including backpacks, holsters, shoulder bags and a roller bag.


Advanced bags feature: bright coloring to help gear stand out; protective dividers with customizable layouts; long-wearing zippers; storage options for personal items; a tripod holder; vented back panels; and a durable lower half with a stylish top fabric. $39.99–$129.99.


Pro bags feature: a center compartment called the Camera Protection System that protects equipment against impact; Exo-Tough construction to shield the bag’s face, including thermo-formed areas to protect gear against impact; shock-absorbing section dividers that cushion equipment in the middle of the bag; ergonomical zipper pulls; and a rain cover. $64.99–$369.99.



Argraph Pana-Vue  Pana-Scan Slide & Film Scanner

The Pana-Vue Pana-Scan Slide & Film Scanner is easy-to-use and lets you quickly convert 35mm slides and negatives, and 126 and 110 negatives, into high-resolution digital images at the push of a button without a computer.


The 14MP scanner digitizes images at home or your office without having to use outside scanning services. Simply load the slides or negatives into the carriers supplied, or get an optional 35mm Stack Loader, or 110 or 126 carriers, view them on the 2.4″ TFT screen, and press the button to scan. Images are instantly digitized and saved on the SD card inserted in the Pana-Scan. $149.95.



GorillaPod-Action-TripodJOBY’s Action Series Tripod & Mounting Clamps

Action camera users can shoot third-person video at any angle with JOBY’s Action series products. The GorillaPod Action Tripod builds on the GorillaPod line with longer, flexible legs suitable for any terrain or to wrap around objects like a tree branch. An integrated ball head with a bubble-level gives you pinpoint control of your camera angle. $49.95.


The Action Clamp & Locking Arm has an innovative clamp that secures a GoPro to any surface less than two inches wide. The locking arm has two articulating ball joints that position the camera at any angle while providing a vibration-resistant hold. $39.95.


The Action Clamp and GorillaPod Arm have the same clamp, and a flexible arm for adjustments with its five balls and sockets. $29.95.



WD My Cloud EX4 Four-Bay Personal Cloud

My Cloud EX4 is a four-bay network attached storage (NAS) solution for saving, sharing, backing up, streaming, and managing massive amounts of digital data. Perfect for photographers looking for a storage solution for their digital images. Featuring WD Red hard drives, it employs NASware 2.0 technology for improved reliability and data protection in the event of a power loss. You can choose from a drive-less enclosure that lets you add drives as your content grows, or 8TB, 12TB and 16TB models. You can also attach USB 3.0 drives to expand your capacity.


My Cloud EX4 backs up your computers and devices and can even serve as an entertainment hub, streaming 16TB of movies and music to any DLNA/UPnP multimedia device. Its integrated file server, FTP server, backup server, and P2P download server provide serving options. $379.99 for the drive-less My Cloud EX4; $1,149.99, 16TB.



Ricoh-Imaging-AF540FGZ-IIRicoh Imaging AF540FGZ II & AF360FGZ II Flashes

The AF540FGZ II ($629.95) and AF360FGZ II ($429.95) flash units for Pentax interchangeable-lens cameras feature Pentax original weather-sealing technology with 28 seals on critical body parts, including the hot shoe. An LED light that acts as a constant light source for video and long-exposure photography is also a useful feature for shooting video or stretching your creativity in your photography.


The flashes provide P-TTL auto flash, high-speed synchronization and wireless P-TTL auto flash. Other features include fast recycling times; the ability to preset nine functions; a bounce flash function; power-zoom flash to cover angles of view from 24–85mm lenses (equivalent); and a wide-angle panel that covers a 20mm angle of view (equivalent).



3D Systems’ Cubify Design Software

3D Systems’ Cubify Design completes the advanced 3D printing toolbox for CubeX users. The software is geared for complex printing projects requiring real-world functionality and accuracy.


Software features include the ability to create assemblies, allowing for interaction and motion within parts of a design. You can also view models as they will appear in the real world with full motion. The software includes a 2D rendering function to make it simple to share drawings when creating with a partner or just wanting to share your work. It accepts various file formats and exports additional formats, including STL for plug-in into Cube or CubeX software, making designs 3D print ready. $199.


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