Sony HDR-PJ50V Handycam Camcorder with Built-in Projector

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San Diego, CA—Sony offers a trio of Handycam camcorders with built-in video projectors to provide the “ultimate playback experience,” even on the go—the HDR-PJ50V, HDR-PJ30V and HDR-PJ10V.

A compact, LED-based projector is built into the camcorders’ 3.0-inch flip-out LCD panels, maintaining their compact size and allowing video and images to be projected at up to 60 inches (diagonally, when projected 18 feet away) onto walls, ceilings or other flat surfaces.

Stereo speakers with Clear Phase and S-Master digital amplifiers provide dynamic sound and combine with the integrated projector to provide video playback without needing to plug into an HDTV.

The HDR-PJ50V Handycam is designed to be a mobile theater capable of projecting up to a 60-inch diagonal image. It shoots in 1,920×1,080 Full HD 60p or users can opt for a nostalgic 24p film-like quality, all while collecting 7 megapixel (MP) still photos. It can record and store up to 91 hours of footage (LP mode) directly on its 220-gigabye (GB) hard disk drive (HDD). In addition to projecting video on any flat surface, it can play back via HDMI (cable sold separately) on compatible HDTVs.

Other features include: a 12x wide-angle Sony G lens with a 27.4mm focal length in photo mode and 29.8mm in video mode; a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS develop for low-light performance; wind noise reduction; optical SteadyShot image stabilization with active mode for three-way shake-canceling effects; tracking focus; direct copy to an external HDD without a PC; geotagging with a built-in GPS receiver; a built-in flash; intelligent auto mode where the camcorder analyzes the shot and automatically selects the appropriate settings from 10 scene modes (90 different combinations possible), landscape, backlight, twilight, spotlight, low light, macro, portrait, baby, walk, tripod; golf shot, which captures a few seconds of motion as a sequence of up to 22 images that can be viewed/printed individually or as a composite shot to analyze, for example, nuances of a golf swing or other fast action; and an active interface shoe lets you mount accessories, such as external lights and microphones. $1,000.

The HDR-PJ30V offers many of the same features as the PJ50V but records to 32GB of flash memory for up to 13 hours recording in LP mode and captures 7MP still photos. $950.

The HDR-PJ10V records 1,920×1,080 Full HD 60p video and 3MP still images to its 16GB of flash memory. It does away with the geotagging function and features a 30x optical zoom that extends to 42x. $700.

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