Minox Debuts Compact DTC 500 Wildlife Camera

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Meriden, NH—Minox introduced the DTC 500, a very compact model that is smaller than the size of conventional cameras and offers special features. The camera is being marketed as “a reliable tool for the observation and management of game in any terrain.”

The camera features 8 megapixels of image resolution and an infrared flash to capture color images during the day and black-and-white photos at night. Its weatherproof plastic body is engineered to prevent penetration of water, dust, cold and heat, and it comes with a secure mounting strap.

The DTC 500 also documents details of each shot taken, including date, time, temperature and moon phase, and stores them on an SD card that can be transferred to a computer or TV via a USB port.

Other features include a 2.5-inch true-color TFT monitor; video capability, up to 60 seconds; a flash range of 50 feet; a short shutter lag of one second; and a battery life of over six months.

The Minox DTC 500 measures 6×4-1/2×2-5/8 inches and weighs 12.9 ounces. $349. 

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