Polaroid and Lady GaGa’s Grey Label GL10 Instant Mobile Printer Available

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New York, NY—The GL10 instant mobile printer, the first product in Polaroid and Lady Gaga’s new Polaroid Grey Label line, is now available for consumers to purchase at select retail outlets.

Featuring a portable size, easy-to-use features and Zink Zero Ink technology, the GL10 is positioned as “a portable photo booth, giving new life to images stored on cell phones, hard drives and digital cameras through the Polaroid instant experience.”

Designed by Polaroid and Lady Gaga, the printer first launched at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street flagship store in New York City. The event was commemorated with an interactive Polaroid storefront window display created by Polaroid and the Haus of Gaga with accents of Swarovski Elements where viewers could watch their creativity instantly develop on the GL10.

“Everyday digital photos capture, memorialize and shape our lives. but they are not given the chance to inspire us because they die on cell phones or digital cameras,” said Lady Gaga, Polaroid’s creative director. “I created the GL10 because everyone loves to take photos with their mobile phones, and the next evolution is to combine digital images with instant photography, bringing photos to life in vibrant colors that you can share, from the palm of your hand.”

The 15-ounce GL10 produces Polaroid classic border and full-bleed 3×4-inch photos in less than a minute. The photo-lab-quality prints emerge fully developed and are said to be protected by a smudgeproof, water-resistant coating.

Polaroid’s GL10 instant mobile printer retails for $169.99 (MSRP), which is $20 more that the price cited when it was unveiled at the 2011 CES earlier this year. Thirty sheets of Zink GL10 photo sells for $19.99.

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