DataTraveler Mini-Migo Makes Desktop Settings and Your Data Highly Mobile

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Holy smoke, I have a solution to an aggravating storage/portability problem! Isn’t it a pain to haul your laptop around? But ya gotta keep up with email, port some photos, or keep up with correspondence. I just installed a cool little gadget called DataTraveler Mini — Migo, by Kingston Technology.

The packaging? An impossible to crack plastic prison. Yep, the instructions shredded when I split it open, but the onboard pdf quick-start is great. DataTraveler Mini — Migo is the smallest thumb drive I’ve seen, in fact, half the size of my thumb.

Once I sprung Migo from plastic prison, I popped it into my USB drive, and opened the program. It asked me to create a profile for my laptop by selecting parameters from lists. I chose to copy my desktop (all settings) email, and a slew of text files. Mini Migo holds 4 gig (smaller sizes available). My essential files fit. I loved the guage showing me how much space was left. If I went over, it would tell me how to pare down.

I took the profiled drive to my other laptop to check it’s talents. Upon opening, Migo said it had no profile for that computer, and asked if I cared to select another. I did – it opened laptop #1’s desktop – an exact replica. I altered a few files, closed Migo and took it back to laptop 1. In less than one minute, every document change I had made was synchronized to that computer. I’ve tried a number of thumbs – some good some not – but this one took no thought on my part. It did all the work and solved a real headache for me. My laptop weighs 8.5 pounds, folks. without the case, power pack, and other stuff. It’s traveling days may be over.

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