Gizmodo Looks at Microsoft Wearable Mouse and Other Gadgets

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Are you addicted to gadgets and gadgetry? If you’re a digital grandparent, you certianly must have a penchant for the ditigal gadgets and geegaws and jimcracks being produced daily in our high tech world. We do our best here at Demystifying Digtial to, well, Demystify Digital for everyday people, but sometimes, you just wanna get out there and take a look at the newest and latest that might even be way over your head.

So, stop by one of my favorite sites, Gizmodo. It’s a superblog that keeps up with stuff you’ll not even believe.

Today, Gizmodo talked about renting your own HAL (remember him? 2001 Space…)Exoskeleton. Then they went off on a new microsoft wearable mouse they dubbed “surf and jerk.” Their motto is: “so much in love with shiny new toys it’s unnatural.” Check it out, Geeks.

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