Be Ready for Great Holiday Photos – Take an Online Class

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Here’s a neat Web site for those of us who want to make the best holiday photos possible this year. If you have a digital camera you haven’t used much, you just want to expand your photo techniques or you plan to give someone the gift of a digital camera this year, check into the comprehensive list of digital photo info sites provided by Judy Howle’s Digital Photography page.Scroll to the bottom of the page. Some of the links are classes and some are free information sources.

Another suggestion from me to you –, the online destination that provides users with a complete solution for editing, managing, storing, and sharing photos online. There are paid plans and free plans here, depending upon what youneed and want for storage and disseminating your digital images. It’s well worth a look. If you spend time and resources on collecting a set of awesome digital memories, it’s in your own best interest to at least consider storing them or backing them up to somehting besides your own hard drive. You just never know what can happen…

Take a look at Adobe’s newly released Photoshop Elements7 and Premier Elements 7 – a complete package of software to edit, sort, store and enhance still or video images. Affordable and robust, they’d be a super present for a photo enthusiast. I reviewed the Elements last iteration and also this current version of Adobe’s Elements.

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