LeapFrog Text and Learn – Not Like Mommy’s Blackberry

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I have always been a big fan of LeapFrog. Most of their products my kids loved for years. There were a few bad apples within all of our LeapFrog products, but for the most part, they were really great.

So, when I heard about the latest addition to their product line, the LeapFrog Text and Learn, I just had to scratch my head and say “WHY???” and then say “What were they thinking?”.

Most of our kids already know how to use a cell phone, and a large percentage of those can even work their way around a smartphone, blackberry or iPhone device.

Parents may have mixed feelings about it, but I don’t know of any parents that want their preschoolers texting! Texting at 3 years old… all I can say is why??? Of course it’s not real texting. Just “sending” messages to a pretend LeapFrog friend, but still, so they need it?

How will that benefit them? How is that educational? Any parent who has introduced their blackberry to their kids knows that they can learn the QWERTY keyboard faster and more efficiently than any of us have. When it’s time, they won’t be left behind. They will be texting like the rest of the world before you know it.

Then there is the bulky design and low-grade display. Again LeapFrog, why???

My kids still use their Leapster and other LeapFrog products that have lasted for years and have been fun and educational. I hope this bump in their road is just that, a bump and not a trend toward more poor products to come.

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