Top 20 Kids iPhone Apps

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top kids iPhone appsThe iKidsBlog is a site I just came across that has a wealth of information on kid friendly iPhone apps and mobile education.

They recently posted a list of the Top 20 Kids iPhone Apps based on iTunes App Store data in early July 2009. Some of these apps look great and I’ll be trying them out, but I do agree with the iKidsBlog team that there are other great titles out there that have slipped through the cracks. On that note – are your kids using any great apps that you love and don’t see on their list?

Let them know. They’ll be putting together a few other Top 20 lists in the coming weeks, but next time not based on sales. Let them know your favorites and maybe yours will make their list.

Drop a comment here as well. We would love to hear your favorites.

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  1. An iPhone kids application you may want to check out is iStoryTime. It

  2. Thanks so much Graham. I will check it out today!