Pandigital Printer Uses Zink’s New Larger Instant Paper

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When I first wrote about the Polaroid Pogo mobile instant printer for I thought it was an interesting device that needed a few more features. Zink, the company which makes the paper for the Pogo, is seeking to expand the options for instant printing with its new 4×6-inch instant paper.

Though Zink’s 4×6 paper is too large to work with the current Polaroid Pogo, it might be used in larger follow-up mobile printers from Polaroid. In the mean time, there is one printer on the market that can use the paper: the Pandigital Portable Printer with ZINK Technology.

The Pandigital Portable Printer prints 4×6-inch borderless color images instantly without ink using the special Zink Zero Ink paper.

The printer also has a 5-in-1 memory card reader built-in so you can print directly without having to hook it to a PC. It sells for $149.

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  1. I have a Happy which only prints up to 2″ wide so bought a Pandigital zink printer which prints 4×6 inch prints. My only problem is unlike the Zink Happy which works with my iPad, the Pandigital won’t work with my iPad. I am bedridden and can’t work at my desktop with a real printer so thought this printer would be just the ticket! No such luck! :(

    Lori Howe