NEC’s SoC Said to Enable Digital-Still Camera Quality in Cameraphones

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NEC Camera PhonesNEC Electronics introduced its Camera Engine 151 (CE151) system-on-chip (SoC), an image-processing device for cameraphones “to provide clear and high-quality images comparable to digital-still cameras (DSCs).”

In 2007, NEC launched the CE131 SoC, which provided the 8 megapixel mobile-phone market segment with accumulated shipments exceeding 30 million units. The company also introduced the CE143 SoC in 2009, which enabled processing of 12MP images and Full HD video. Now, the CE151 is said to provide advanced picture quality, performance and functions for still images and video data, using 25% lower power consumption.

It enables mobile phones to output Full HD (1080-pixel) video stream and still-image data up to 13 megapixels received by the CMOS sensor. The Camera Engine Software Platform is designed for reusability. Backward compatibility with previous NEC Electronics’ CE series supports a smooth transition for existing customers to reach improvements in camera performance and functionality in mobile phones.

NEC says, “By improving the noise-reduction feature, the new CE151 SoC also realizes advanced image stabilizing and optical compensation technologies that can be found in high-end DSCs to produce crystal-clear, well-balanced digital photos.”

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