Gura Gear Photo Bag Line Unveiled by Acclaimed Wildlife Photographer

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Gura GearChicago, IL—Inspired by his extensive travel and career in wildlife photography, outdoor photographer Andy Biggs unveiled Gura Gear, a line of camera bags designed for on-the-go photographers as a lightweight yet highly functional alternative to bulky photo bags.

The Kiboko bag is the first product in the Gura Gear line. Weighing in at four pounds, the Kiboko is designed to allow all photo gear to be safely stored and comfortably carried but also quickly accessed. The bag is deep enough to accommodate a pro SLR camera body, as well as medium-format cameras. It will also hold up to a 500mm and 600mm lens simultaneously.

Made from high-tech Dimension Polyant VX-21, a durable water-shedding material that is used on some of the fastest lightweight sailboats, its outer materials are reported to be abrasion and tear resistant while the interior is lightly padded.

The Kiboko features a convenient butterfly flap access system, and its interior is customizable to suit the photographers’ individual needs. It can be carried as a backpack with its retractable harness system or as a shoulder bag. The harness fully retracts for loading into airplanes so the bag can be used as a carryon for domestic and international flights.

“Gone are the days where you have to decide whether weight or functionality is more important when transporting your photo gear,” said a company spokesperson. “Gura Gear is a smart, new way of transporting equipment, designed for photographers by photographers. The innovative design, materials and technology that goes into each Gura Gear bag far exceeds any comparable camera bag on the market.”

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