Roxio Releases VideoLab 3D Personal Video-Editing Suite

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Roxio VideoLab 3D Video EditingNovato, CA—Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, unveiled Roxio VideoLab 3D, a personal video-editing suite for capturing, editing and sharing personal 3D content.

Designed to be bundled with and add value to 3D-enabled cameras, camcorders, PCs, laptops and accessories, Roxio VideoLab 3D enables users to import a range of 3D video formats, including stereoscopic content directly from 3D cameras. The software also automatically converts standard 2D content into 3D, so users can include existing home movies in their 3D video creations.

“Roxio VideoLab 3D is a groundbreaking application and another example of how Roxio is helping drive the market for home 3D,” said Matt DiMaria, executive vice president and general manager, Roxio. “The rich suite of editing and sharing features in VideoLab 3D serves as an ideal complement to 3D-enabled systems, peripherals and accessories, and provides a richer out-of-box experience that empowers consumers to create their own personal 3D home video.”

With Roxio VideoLab 3D, consumers can use familiar video-editing tools to turn raw 3D footage and converted 2D content into immersive 3D home movies, complete with titles, transitions and effects. The finished results can be exported in various formats, including the RealD format for a cinematic-quality 3D viewing experience on 3D-enabled home PCs and HDTVs. In addition, projects may be uploaded and shared via YouTube in 3D.

Key features include: 3D capture from stereoscopic cameras, such as Fujifilm’s FinePix W1; the ability to import 3D files in common 3D formats, including side-by-side, over-under, anaglyph and dual stream (Roxio 3D also supports standard 2D photo and video file formats); simplified Storyline, as well as advanced 32-track timeline editing views; an array editing options, including trimming, title creation, narration, music tracks and video correction features; 3D transitions and special effects; 2D to 3D real-time conversion; authoring of DVDs and Blu-ray discs; the ability to save 3D video in a range of file formats; and direct upload of 3D video to YouTube.

Roxio VideoLab 3D is compatible with a broad range of PC hardware, including all major graphics cards and 3D display technologies. To do this, Sonic has teamed with ATI, Intel and NVIDIA to deliver support for PC monitors and upcoming 3D HDTVs.

Part of Sonic’s Total 3D initiative aimed at furthering the 3D home market, Roxio VideoLab 3D is one of the 3D-enabled products and services the company will introduce this year for PC OEMs, consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers.

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