Profoto BatPac: Portable Flash Power in a Bag

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Profoto BatPacElmsford, NY—Profoto, a manufacturer of professional-quality electronic flash lighting systems and light shapers, offers the BatPac—a portable “power-in-a-bag” unit that combines a dedicated inverter and a high-capacity battery.

The BatPac provides power for Profoto D1 monolights, even when shooting far away from any main Profoto Flash Power bagsocket. The bag is specially designed for handling high-power units like Profoto’s D1 flashes, but it can be used with previous Profoto ComPact units and Acute2 flash generators as well.?? When powering D1 monolights—250, 500 or 1000W units—specs say it will supply: ?300 full power flashes at 1000W; ?600 full power flashes at 500W; and ?1,200 full power flashes at 250W.

Profoto says the BatPac “has advanced safety functions and is very easy to use. Its innovative design delivers power with exceptional stability. It controls over-voltage, over-temperature, low power, low battery voltage, etc., preventing damage to the BatPac and connected flash units.”

Flash BagsThe device complies with CE and IEC safety requirements, and provides up to 600W continuous power from two integrated separate main outlets. It can also supply power for charging laptops and camera batteries, and it can run constant light sources, wind machines, refrigerator boxes and many other electrical units that are frequently used while shooting on location.

The unit is housed in a black nylon bag with shoulder strap and harness. It weighs 24.7 pounds and measures 9.8×10.2×13.8 inches. Deliveries of the Profoto BatPac begin June 2010. Estimated street price: $1,700.

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