Nissin Offers Three New Advances in Electronic Flash Units

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Nissin FlashMeriden, NH—The Nissin Group introduced three new flash models with advanced features combined with ease of use. They are distributed in the United States by Minox USA.

Mark II Di866 Professional for Sony. The flagship model of the Nissin line, the Di866 Professional flash Nissin Flash Unitunit is now available for Sony cameras, joining the current Canon- and Nikon-capable models. It provides a guide number of 60 and sub flash of 12 (ISO 100, 105mm). And for ease of operation, it has a user-friendly design with a color display that automatically rotates from horizontal to vertical as the flash is rotated. The six-icon interface represents each of the operation modes—auto, TTL, manual/AV, multi, wireless TTL and a custom setting.

With supporting Sony ADI/P-TTL, this flash is automatically controlled by the camera, but the flash exposure value can be compensated. In addition, the external service port includes a USB port for the latest firmware updates. Additionally, its synchronization contact and power pack port extend its usability with connection to different lighting and power systems. The Mark II for Sony will be available late in 2010.

Nissin Ring FlashMark II Di622. This upgraded version of the popular Nissin Di622 features additional functions, such as wireless TTL remote responses to channel 1 group A controlled by the master flash, as well as a slave digital (SD) and slave film (SF) flash system with six-step power level adjustment. “My TTL” and EV compensation settings enhance photography with customization and support for X-contact and external synchronized contact. This flash is compatible with both Canon and Nikon digital SLRs, allowing users to enjoy the advantages of creative flash photography with multiple lightings from various directions.

MF18 Ring Flash. To meet the special demands of macro shooting, the Nissin MF18 lens mount adapter is usable from 49-77mm, providing a guide number of 16 (ISO 100), with an auto color display and My TTL custom setting.
The display automatically rotates from horizontal to vertical as the flash is rotated, and the six-icon interface represents each of the operation modes. In addition, it has wireless and high-speed synchro functions, and its power pack port extends the usability of connections to different lighting and power systems. Additionally, its external power pack port can be used to speed up the recycling time of flashes and is compatible with Canon E-TTL, Nikon i-TTL and Sony ADI/P-TTL cameras. Available 1Q 2011.

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