Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card Enables Instant Camera Uploads without a Wireless Network

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Eye-Fi Wireless CardDirect Mode and Eye-Fi Mobile Apps Available as a Free Upgrade to X2 Cards

Mountain View, CA—Eye-Fi Inc., makers of wireless memory cards, launched the Eye-Fi Mobile X2, an 8GB wireless memory card that provides cameras with immediate uploading capabilities, even when there’s no wireless network available.

The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 provides instant uploads anywhere by wirelessly connecting the camera to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

“Direct mode helps us bridge the gap between classic digital imaging and the exploding world of mobile devices,” said Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi. “With Direct mode, the pervasive connectivity of mobile is made available to existing cameras.”

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card ReviewLater this week, Eye-Fi will be releasing its Direct mode and accompanying iOS and Android apps as free upgrades to its Eye-Fi X2 cards. With Direct mode, the Eye-Fi card can now establish a direct connection to a mobile device by creating its own Wi-Fi network anywhere users capture memories, even if that is miles from a Wi-Fi hotspot. Whether hiking or at the beach, consumers will be able to send photos and videos directly from their digital camera to the Eye-Fi app on their smartphone or tablet, enabling them to back up, edit and share their memories in the moment.

“When we undertook a redesign of the Eye-Fi card line a little over two years ago, the new X2 card platform promised users the potential for new, exciting capabilities over time. Today we see another one of these revolutionary capabilities come to life: Direct mode,” added Yuval Koren, cofounder and chief product officer of Eye-Fi.

Direct Mode benefits extend beyond device-to-device transfers. Whether users want to edit their memories using the apps on their mobile devices, back up those memories on their home computer, or save them in a private Eye-Fi account, they now have control of where, how and when the media is stored, edited and shared.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 is currently available for preorders on and will be offered at Apple and Best Buy stores for $79.99 on April 17, 2011. Direct Mode will be available as a free upgrade to all Eye-Fi X2 cards later this week, along with accompanying free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Eye-Fi Pro X2 will be reduced from $149.99 to $99.99 starting this month.

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