Delkin WingmanHD Lightweight, Waterproof Action Camera

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Delkin WingmanHD camera reviewPoway, CA—The Delkin WingmanHD is a waterproof 3-ounce action camera is a compact POV camera that shoots 1080p high-definition video from the users perspective while mounted to almost any object or surface.

Other key features include a 1.5-inch LCD screen, a 3x digital zoom and a universal mounting system to allow integration with existing photo and video equipment.

“With the division between photography and videography fading, more photographers are becoming their own directors, videographers and producers,” said Anna Lopez , Marketing manager. “Incorporating a point-of-view perspective into film adds a connection for viewers, whether it’s from a person, racecar, surfboard, airplane or the top of a building. A rugged design with a lightweight build and a universal ¼- to 20-inch photography mount allows users to capture realistic footage of impending jumps, rapids and free falls without any extra weight or interference, particularly in extreme environments or activities.”

The WingmanHD offers a user-friendly menu and navigate buttons that allow users to capture 1080p, 720p, WVGA or QVGA video as well as 8 megapixel still image photography. Automatic focus, white balance and exposure help to avoid swapping between camera settings during a shoot, while the 150º wide-angle lens is set to mimic human peripheral eyesight. Optional time lapse, triple-burst and self-timer modes can be set to take images at set intervals between zero and 60 seconds, while an optional video loop record can splice video footage into manageable 15-minute intervals. A camera standby mode protects the battery life during downtime and allows instant reactivation of video or picture capture with the press of a button…

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