Snow Photo Tips: Make the Most of Your Snow Photography

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Snow Photography TipsSnow photography can be beautiful and magical if you keep a few things in mind when you go out on that cold winter day.

Whether you find the snow in your own backyard, or need to vacation to a distant place to see the white blanket cover the landscape, keep these snow photography tips in mind.

Get Your Camera Ready
Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged so you can keeping shooting as the light and the moment create the perfect combination. When you get back home, try to keep your camera in the coolest part of your house for a while to gradually warm it back up. This will help you avoid condensation. If you do get condensation, remember to let it try on it’s own. Be patient and never try to wipe it off. It will only come back and could damage your lens.

Time of Day
If photography is your hobby than you probably have heard before that time of day can make or break a photo. While it’s not always possible to choose the time of day you go out to shoot, when you can, take advantage of the golden light at dawn or dusk. Add the cooler blue tones of snow to this warm light and your photographs will be breathtaking. If you had an overnight snow, the early morning is best since the snow will be untouched by footprints or melted snow that drops from trees.

Setting Your Camera
If you have a snow or winter scene mode on your camera, turn it on….

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