Stylus Tough 8000 – An Amazing Olympus Waterproof Camera

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Stylus Tough 8000

Tough. Not a word you normally associate with a digital camera… until now. Olympus is so confident you will find their waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof cameras virtually indestructible, they’ve put the word “tough” right in the model name.

The Olympus Stylus Tough digital camera series is not only ideal for your next outdoor adventure on the slopes, at the beach, or on a big climb, but it’s also the perfect family camera. What mom or dad wouldn’t want a camera they could let their kids use and not have to worry about?

Takes a Beating
When I first opened the box and took out the metal 12 Megapixel Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 digital camera, I had the feeling it could handle most anything my family threw at it. The camera can withstand a 6.6-foot drop so I let me my kids go for it. They love taking pictures but have already dropped, and therefore broken the digital camera their grandparents bought them just six months after they got it. So, when I gave them the Tough 8000 to shoot with they were thrilled. They even noticed the durable construction of the body, commenting on how it felt more like a real camera.

Go Ahead, Get It Wet
My family loves the water and this Olympus waterproof camera is very water-friendly. In fact, It’s waterproof down to 33 feet. What an awesome feature. My first reaction was to throw the kids in the pool and shoot a ton of photos. Once I got that out of my system, I also found the Olympus Stylus Tough 800 was great for things like our “slip ‘n slide” or for when the kids are playing with the hose or even in the rain. I could never take those photos before for fear the water would damage my camera. With this Olympus waterproof camera it’s not a problem.

There is even a movie mode with sound that works underwater. It was a riot to hear the bubbles and gurgles under the water while shooting video of kids swimming. Check out the video below.

The Colder, the Better
Go ahead and bring on the cold weather because the Stylus Tough 8000 is freezeproof down to 14 degrees F. Combine the waterproof camera and freezeproof features and it’s ideal for shooting in the snow and great for documenting just about any family vacation. The camera also has a Tap Control feature so it can be operated by simply tapping on the outside of the camera. This is a great feature if you’re wearing winter gloves.

You Can Even Sit On It
Another family friendly feature of the Stylus Tough 8000 digital camera is that it’s crushproof up to 220 pounds. My camera goes with us everywhere and to not worry about someone crushing or damaging it in the car is one less thing to think about. Your camera and the card with all of your memories on it are protected.

Fewer Blurry Pictures
Both the Tough 8000 and Tough 6000 have a versatile 3.6x wide optical zoom lens. Starting at 28mm wide-angle, which is suited for landscapes and architectural photos, and zooming to 102mm, which is fantastic for shooting more distant subjects or portraits. There is an anti-blur feature in the camera called Dual Image Stabilization that will significantly reduce blurry photos that are caused by camera shake. If you’re going out to photograph a family adventure, this feature will come in handy.

Tough With a Sensitive Side
Enough about the tough aspects of the Stylus Tough 8000 for now. Let’s talk about some features that help take your photography to the next level. Whether it’s an adventuresome vacation, or just a day at the park with the kids, you will find features like Face Detection and Beauty Mode useful tools.

With Face Detection, the camera will recognize up to 16 faces and automatically focus and give you the optimum exposure so you get sharp and crisp portraits. Beauty Mode is another nice feature that shows the more sensitive side of the Stylus Tough 8000. This mode will soften shadows and smooth away lines, wrinkles, or blemishes on your subject’s face when you take the picture. You can also do some editing after taking a picture. This is convenient since you don’t, necessarily, have to purchase other image editing software.

Limitless Photography
There are very few limits to your photography when you use the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 digital camera. It can get wet, cold, handle just about anything you or your family can throw at it, and it still comes though with beautiful photos.

You can pick one up for around $379. Learn more about the Stylus Tough 8000 here at


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