Samsung QF20 Wi-Fi Smart Camcorder & W300 Rugged Waterproof Pocket Camcorder Reviews

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The Samsung QF20 Smart camcorder and the rugged Samsung W300 pocket camcorder both offer features to meet your video demands if you are constantly connected, or if you are the adventurous king looking for a durable video companion.

Samsung QF20 Smart Camcorder. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity to instantly back up and share videos directly from your camcorder, the QF20’s 2.7-inch LCD with an intuitive touch screen interface lets you share videos to YouTube, Facebook and Picasa. It also includes a 20x optical zoom to get you close to the action.Samsung QF20 Review

From any Wi-Fi hotspot, you can send videos from the camcorder with one touch. A newly developed login browser enables the camcorder to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot in hotels, airports or other locations that may require visiting a landing page before gaining access to a connection. And with integrated Samsung TV Link feature, the QF20 wirelessly connects to a TV or Blu-ray player, so videos can be played without the tangling of component cables.

The QF20 also features Samsung’s AllShare, a proprietary technology that makes content sharing with a variety of devices easy, thus powering the PC auto backup feature so the QF20 can wirelessly transfer videos to a computer for storage.

Other features include a Switch Grip 2.0 handle design for comfortable control when shooting with either hand, or in any direction; the ability to rotate 180º to capture video at different angles; one-button control for video record and playback; optical image stabilization Duo, to help reduce motion blur; a new 5MP BSI CMOS sensor; and Samsung’s art time lapse, a setting that takes still photos at preset time intervals and speeds up the slow passage of time to create a unique time lapse effect. You can pick one up for $349.99.

Samsung W300 Pocket Camcorder. Just in time to capture sporting events and other outdoor activities, the W300’s rugged design is geared for shooting 1080p Full HD video in a range of conditions. It is waterproof to 15 feet, shockproof from heights of 6 feet and dustproof. It also has an anti-fog coating and offers an auto aqua mode that senses the camera is underwater and corrects the color to help ensure true-to-life images.

Samsung W300 ReviewBeyond its multi-proof rugged design, the W300 has a 29.6mm wide-angle lens; a 2.3-inch LCD; a built-in USB port for charging and transferring video files to a computer; and record/pause mode that briefly pauses and then restarts video recording process without creating a new file. The W300 comes in orange, red and black. Grab one for your next adventure for $159.99.

Both camcorders feature creative options, including editing directly on the camcorder, and no computer is needed to use features such as my clip and Smart Background Music 2.0. My clip allows you to bookmark the most important parts of the action—as it is happening—so during playback the best moments can be shared as a highlights montage. The upgraded Smart Background Music 2.0 permits users to sync their music and automatically adjust the volume over or under a video clip. Find more details on the Samsung QF20 and Samsung W300 at

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