Google+: More Than Just an Underused Social Network, It’s a Cloud Photo Storage Solution

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There’s a secret benefit to Google+ for phoneographers – the mobile app can upload all photos to a private album on the service. This means that photos uploaded via Instant Upload can’t be viewed by anyone else unless publicly shared, but are still accessible from anywhere with Google+ access.

For those who use Google+, the benefit is that sharing photos can be done with one click or tap, no need for any kind of waiting for uploads to share a photo or video. It’s also cross-platform, so sharing photos from a phone while browsing Google+ from a desktop computer is a snap.

By downloading the app for either iOS or Android, the option for Mobile Upload will appear. It’s possible to have everything upload automatically when it is taken, or only when on wifi networks. On iOS, photos will only upload after the app is opened, because apps can’t truly run in the background like on Android. However, they will all silently upload in the background whenever the app is opened.

Photos are uploaded and stored in the same quality as when they were taken, with no apparent recompression. For those who use both iOS and Android, this may not be the best choice for transferring files between these devices; while photos are downloaded to the phone automatically on Android, even when uploaded from iOS, there’s no way to save photos from Instant Upload on the iOS version of the app. Saving from web browser is of course possible.

So, while Google+’s Instant Upload may be best for Google+ users, its automatic photo uploading features, especially on iOS, may just make the fledgling social network good for something after all!

Google+ is available from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, and from Google Play for Android.


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