Mobli: The Instagram Killer?

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Sure, our phones allow us to take pictures, but the other important part of the phoneography equation is the sharing of photos. It’s part of why Instagram was worth a billion dollars – it’s not just about the filters, it’s about the way they were able to get people to share their photos as well. But is Instagram the end-all, be-all of photo sharing? Mobli says no.

Mobli is an app that is similarly all about sharing photos to friends, but tries to make discovering photos easier. Users create an account or log in with Facebook, which lets them view photos from various places and subjects, and to share within those same categories.

The iOS version has a useful feature: it can filter photos while setting up the shot. The Android version only has post-processing of images, though the same options exist. The filters and frames that are available are nothing particularly noteworthy, offering the ability to filter color, tilt-shift, and add some hip frames around the edges. The Swanky Teal and Creekside filters appear to be somewhat original for this app compared to Instagram, though.

Note that connecting with Facebook to share photos is an incredibly dicey proposition since by default the app wants to share pretty much everything to Facebook. Look at a photo? It wants to announce that to Facebook. Users might be better off just creating a proprietary account, especially as Facebook login doesn’t allow for username customization.

The app makes it possible to tag photos with city location and various topics, which other users can then follow, making it easier to discover new photo sharers out there, and easier than Instagram makes it, which largely focuses on following those from other networks, at least starting out. Here, the experience is very Twitter-esque; discovering new users who post interesting photos is the fun of it. Plus, Mobli can import photos from Instagram, for those who like it enough to make the transition. It may be a better starting point for users looking to get in to photo sharing thanks to its discovery features.

For those looking to edit their photos, Mobli probably isn’t for that type of user. But for sharing photos and discovering other people’s photos, it’s a fantastic app to use.

Mobli is available for free for iPhone/iPod touch from the App Store, and from Google Play for Android.

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