Action Snap: An Android App For Those Who Like Burst Shots and Collages

Sections: Phoneography, Photo Apps

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As I travel through the world of mobile photo apps, the thing I’m noticing is that collages are becoming more and more popular. More apps are including them as a feature, or even as the focus of their app. Action Snap tries to do something a bit different with the collage idea.

Action Snap takes a different approach. It composes collages of multiple shots taken in rapid order. Users can set the photos to be automatically snapped ever tenth of a second, or manually snapped with each press of the shutter button. Different layouts are available, including 2×2 and 3×3 grids, and 4×1, which composes a collage of several wide shots. The 4×1 collage appears to only work in portrait orientation, not rotating them properly when the phone is in landscape, even though the interface rotates for the orientation.

Photos can ultimately be shared via Android’s built-in sharing services to various apps, or uploaded to photo-sharing service Steply. Several filters and effects can be added after capture, which is par for the course in mobile photo apps.

The custom shutter option could be useful for friends wanting to make a group collage of multiple shots instantaneously. Or it could be used to create photos of kids playing sports. A 3×3 shot of frames of little Jimmy or Suzie about to score a goal? That’s guaranteed double-digit likes on Facebook. There is no option for focusing in on a specific part of the shot, though the lack of this feature in Android apps in general may mean it’s a system-level feature deficiency compared to iOS.

Action Snap could really use more customization options. Grid customization like Grid Lens would help make it a truly fantastic app.

Action Snap is available in a free ad-supported version, along with a paid version that adds in additional features.

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