Adobe Revel: A Photo Sharing App Worth Celebrating?

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Adobe Revel is Adobe’s attempt to get into photo sharing for users. It’s a service available for $5.99 per month (with a free 30-day trial) that claims to share photos between different devices. And yes, it does just that. Users can use the iOS or Mac apps to upload their photos to the service, and they become available on each platform that logs in to the same Revel account.

Photo updates only take a few seconds to propagate between devices. The ability to use the same editing controls on both desktop and mobile apps makes the app very easy to use, and the familiar interfaces between the different versions means that there is little confusion, even when working on multiple platforms. In fact, adjustments can be modified between platforms, in case a change might look better on one display compared to another. It also serves as a very easy way to edit photos on Mac.

The natural question to ask about Adobe Revel is why pay $5.99/month for the service when there are plenty of apps and services that are far more versatile – not to mention cheaper? The adjustments are a very basic set that pale to any serious photo app. iCloud’s Photo Stream is free, Dropbox hands out 2 GB of space for free, and both will automatically share pictures.

Adobe Revel is currently available in its full-fledged form for iOS as a universal app from the App Store, and for Mac from the Mac App Store. There is no Windows version of Revel yet, but Adobe claims that it’s “coming soon.” There is no full Android version of Revel yet either, but there is a Revel Importer app to upload photos to a Revel account.


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