Aviary Photo Editor: There Is Such a Thing as a Free Photo Editor!

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Aviary is a photo editing app so good, it’s hard to believe that it’s free. It is true though, this iOS and Android photo editor is a great choice for those looking to edit photos on the go without paying anything.

When launching Aviary, a carousel of recent photos is available, with the ability to load from the photo gallery as well. Then, there are over a dozen ways to adjust photos, including automatic enhancements, photo filters, and even humorous options. Adjusting settings manually? There’s an accurate and easy-to-use dial control to tweak that brightness and contrast to be just perfect.

Aviary is free to use, with additional filters beyond what it provides by default available as in-app purchases. Otherwise, the app largely serves as an advertisement of the capabilities of Aviary’s photo editing SDK that is available for developers to integrate into their own apps on iOS and Android.

Like creating those meme pictures? There’s a fantastic meme creator feature here (available on the Android version but not on iPod touch), that I can say is fantastic because it has the proper usage of the Impact font to easily make meme pictures. That might be worth the download alone for those image-based humorists out there. The ability to adjust the menu placement of some options and even to disable them outright is a fantastic user-friendly option.

However, the app does frequently crash when I tested on the iPod touch 4th generation, likely due to the low amount of RAM in the device compared to the iPhone 4 & 4S. As well, when making adjustments, it’s not possible to zoom in on photos on the iOS version, making it hard to tell how precise sharpness adjustments will affect a photo. Also, the app is not iPad-optimized at the moment.

Despite these issues, Aviary is a sincrely great effort – it has a solid feature set, I would definitely recommend it as an easy-to-use photo editor even if it was a paid app. The fact that it is largely free to use is just the cherry on top. This is a great download for phoneographers.

Aviary is available as a free download for iPhone and iPod touch from the iOS App Store, and for Android from Google Play.


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