Photo Extractor: A Quick and Useful App For Making Photos Out of Videos

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Thus, that means that videos are worth millions of words, aren’t they? But brevity is the soul of wit, and maybe there’s just one great frame from a video that’s worth saving. That’s where Photo Extractor comes in. What this app does is to easily extract single frames from videos, and save them to the Camera Roll.

First, the user loads in their video from the Camera Roll. Then, the user hits start, and they can easily either rapidly seek through a video to find their frame(s) to grab, or use the individual frame-by-frame arrows below to make it easier to pick out a frame. Then, hit Save, and it’s saved to the Camera Roll. Simple as that.

The load times are extremely quick, even for videos recorded in high definition. This is even on the iPod touch 4th generation, which is notorious for slow load times and sluggish performance in apps.

Now obviously, the quality of photos taken from video frames are not going to be as good as still photography, in part because of the lower resolution and also because of the different capture process. But there’s still fun to be had with this, as a great photo could be found in an individual frame. Or perhaps a friend inadvertently makes a funny face that can now be immortalized forever thanks to this app. Just note that it isn’t universal for the iPad yet, though it will run on there.

The best part about Photo Extractor is that it does its job simply and effectively. It runs efficiently, it outputs the frames quickly and at their original resolution, and it just plain works. It’s available as of this writing for free from the iOS App Store, and is definitely worth having around, even if it’s just in case.

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