Photo Extractor: A Quick and Useful App For Making Photos Out of Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Thus, that means that videos are worth millions of words, aren’t they? But brevity is the soul of wit, and maybe there’s just one great frame from a video that’s worth saving. That’s where Photo Extractor comes in. What this app does is to easily extract single frames more »

Aviary Photo Editor: There Is Such a Thing as a Free Photo Editor!

Aviary is a photo editing app so good, it’s hard to believe that it’s free. It is true though, this iOS and Android photo editor is a great choice for those looking to edit photos on the go without paying anything. When launching Aviary, a carousel of recent photos is available, with the ability to more »

Adobe Revel: A Photo Sharing App Worth Celebrating?

Adobe Revel is Adobe’s attempt to get into photo sharing for users. It’s a service available for $5.99 per month (with a free 30-day trial) that claims to share photos between different devices. And yes, it does just that. Users can use the iOS or Mac apps to upload their photos to the service, and more »

Lightroom Joins the Creative Cloud

For many photographers, there are only two choices when it comes to photo management software, and those are either Aperture from Apple or Lightroom from Adobe. Both are great pieces of software and have their pros and cons. However, Adobe recently added Lightroom to their Creative Cloud solution, thus adding yet another benefit to the more »

Action Snap: An Android App For Those Who Like Burst Shots and Collages

As I travel through the world of mobile photo apps, the thing I’m noticing is that collages are becoming more and more popular. More apps are including them as a feature, or even as the focus of their app. Action Snap tries to do something a bit different with the collage idea. Action Snap takes more »

Mobli: The Instagram Killer?

Sure, our phones allow us to take pictures, but the other important part of the phoneography equation is the sharing of photos. It’s part of why Instagram was worth a billion dollars – it’s not just about the filters, it’s about the way they were able to get people to share their photos as well. more »

Five iPhone Apps for the Photographer on the Run

I travel…A LOT. Between driving three states away to visit my wife in middle-of-nowhere Iowa to hitting various conferences, my car and I spend a lot of time together. This also means I get to use my iPhone as a tool to help me in my photographic endeavors. Let’s look at five tools I fiercely more »

Tamron MyPhotoExhibits App Review

Tamron’s MyPhotoExhibits (MPE) app for iPad is an innovative way for photographers looking to showcase your favorite images in a unique, free online venue. Unlike traditional static online galleries, Tamron’s SoHo-like MPE interface, available at, allows you to create customizable 3D exhibits with a vibrant interactive experience. The MyPhotoExhibits iPhone and iPad apps  offer more »

Fotor Review: The Unique Features Make The Case For This iPhone App

Fotor is a photography app for iPhone that does a lot of the baiscs: effects, basic editing tools, but its collection of specialty features is what makes this a high quality choice for iPhoneographers. FX and Frame contains dozens of frames and filtered effects for photographs to take advantage of, and should be satisfying for more »

ProCamera: The Little App That Does Just About Everything

Pro Camera is an app that does a lot. Where many apps are happy to be enhanced photography apps, or provide video capture options, or just scan those QR codes that advertisers love, ProCamera does all that. The interface takes great advantage of limited screen space to deliver plenty of control without needing to enable more »

Comparing Instagram iPhone and Android: Why iPhone Users Will Be Seeing Red

Something piqued my curiosity recently: Instagram is now available on both iOS and Android, but do they perform the same? While there are minor interface differences between the two, I was really curious about how the output compared between the two. So, I took 5 photos, and imported them into Instagram to see just what more »


ProCapture: A Replacement for the Default Camera App on Android?

A lot of the photography apps out there focus on what happens after the photo is taken. Sure, they might support taking photos in the app, but that’s generally just a means to an end of capturing the photos. ProCapture is all about capturing the initial photo in advanced ways that the default camera app more »